Let’s Go Fishing!


Every once in awhile we are going to take a break for “Fishin’ Tails.”  So you can learn about and enjoy the year around fishing offered on the Umpqua River and the seasonal ocean fishing.

Meet Rob.  Rob is a native Oregonian but also a native to Scottsburg here in Douglas County.  Rob has lived here his entire life.  He has worked here that long and reared 2 children here with his wife.  Doesn’t get any more native than that unless you are actually Native American which Rob’s wife partially is.

Rob has worked in lumber mills most of his career and often works the night shift.  He frequently works security when the mills shut down for short periods which makes him the only one on the premises.  He’s just good at what he does.

Rob and his family love bass.  Small mouth bass fishing on the Umpqua is considered as some of the best in the world!  It’s possible to catch more than 100 bass in the summer months by a reasonably capable fisher person.

Rob knows a very secret fishing hole where catching bass is easy at the right times.  He hasn’t shared his secret with very many people but if you visit us in your RV at Umpqua River Haven, we might be able to entice Rob to tell you where one of the best bass fishing holes in the world is!