Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh, My!


The Phoenix Zoo puts on a holiday light display that is second to none. Zoo Lights or Lights At The Zoo provides a spectacular array of light displays. We recently visited this night-time event at the zoo. I took 195 pictures, 57 of which will make it into 2 different blog posts! The first post here shows the colored lights creatively designed in oh so many ways.

This is the entrance to the zoo.

Many visitors dressed for the occasion with santa hats and lights that blinked, twinkled or stayed stationary. This photo is of a VERY young visitor being pulled in a wagon that is all lit up. She had a head band with 2 twinkling lights and was on the move as you can tell.

The lion and tiger here have tails that wave from atop this building.

This purple tree was spectacular and the photo can’t do it justice. It has shooting lights as well as what you can see.

Everyone walked through the tunnel of lights!

Entering the aquarium. A ‘jelly’ and a ray.

All along the paths there are moving/jumping/leaping light displays. I actually managed to capture this cricket as it flashed along.

The Saguaro Cactus is the Arizona state tree/flower and protected. They can be seen growing wild at a bit higher altitude than Phoenix. But, they are a popular plant in yards and gardens. Here on the Sonoran Desert you can see them in many landscapes. This time of year they are often wrapped in holiday lights as they are here at the zoo with a squirrel in the foreground.

There were a variety of trees wrapped or strung with lights. On this one, the lights rolled off and on. I somehow managed to capture it when the lights were at their best.

The next few photos just give you an idea of some of the many displays. The rattlesnake’s rattles rattle and the dragonfly’s wings flap. Can you spot Big Foot?


We are especially fond of Big Horn Sheep. The sculptures you will see are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever come across! I was actually taking a photo of the lizard and didn’t notice them at first.

Under the sea…

The humming bird’s wings flap….

There were reindeer visiting from California. Kids were fascinated. There was a set of reindeer horns for them to touch.

On one side of the lake light displays dance to music. And on the other side is this awesome sight…

The bees were definitely buzzing around their honey hive with flapping wings…

The Praying Mantis is a personal favorite. I used to play with them when I was a child.

Butterfly wings also flap….

Just a bunny and her carrot….

Watch for part II coming soon with this year’s new, different and awesome displays.











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