Wooden Boat Show

We’re going back to Toledo, Oregon this weekend. Toledo is just south and east of Lincoln City about 32 miles. This weekend is the 13th Annual Port of Toledo Wooden Boat Show that celebrates the historic traditions of wooden boats.

Starting August 19 through August 21, wooden boats from all over the northwest will be displayed. From kayaks and canoes to fishing boats and pleasure craft, there will be many beautiful wooden boats to see.

There are events for the entire family. Some of the featured events are: Family Boat Building, Youth Boat Building, Poker Paddle, Kids Toy Boat Building, Georgia Pacific Container Boat Contest and more.


In addition to the boats and contests, there will be food booths, vendor booths and live music all weekend long. Of interest will be the many informational and historical exhibits.

This year the event is honoring retired Coast Guard Master Chief, Thomas McAdams who has been highly decorated. In the small boat community, McAdams is considered a legend. He is also highly regarded in the Pacific Northwest commercial fishing community. The Newport Coast Guard will be in attendance with their 52 foot, steel-hulled motor lifeboat, the Victory, in honor of Chief McAdams. The Newport Coast Guard provided the following picture of The Victory.

Also on exhibit will be Glen Cathers’ US Coast Guard 36 foot Motor Life Boat that was built in 1934. This is the boat his father, Chief Boatswain Mate, John L. Cathers, served on in the 1930s and 1940s. Glen now owns it and has had it restored.

One block from Toledo’s Historic Main Street is the Depot Slough where the Wooden Boat Show will be held. An extra day is being added to the event, Monday, for observation of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. The Port’s Waterfront Park is right in the path for totality of the Eclipse. Don’t forget your authentic Eclipse glasses!

There is much to see and do here and something for everyone. Come join in the fun. Toledo is 95 miles from www.umpquahaven.com and a beautiful Oregon Coast Drive. Stay with us while you attend the Wooden Boat Show and you’ll have your own comfy RV home to come back to at night.

Charleston Seafood Beer and Wine Festival

Charleston, Oregon on the Coast is one of our favorite, fun places to go. Charleston has a fishing fleet from which you can purchase fresh whatever-is-in-season right off the boat. The boat docks are also a very popular place to go crabbing and we have been there many times with our crab pots. We stop at the Old General Store or one of the others for our fish head bait and off to the docks we will go to catch some great Dungeness Crab for supper. After 3 or so hours pulling in the crab pot, we’ll gather up our crabs and gear and head to one of the places that will cook and crack them for us—an arduous task that they make look easy. Here is our previous blog post about crabbing in Charleston and some of the other places we like to visit here. https://umpquariverhaven.com/2015/09/26/lets-go-fishin-7/

Along with all that fun, this weekend there is a 3-day festival celebration of seafood, beer and wine! August 11, 12, and 13 will host the 28th annual Charleston Seafood Beer & Wine Festival at the Charleston Marina.

There will be over 50 vendors selling food, Craft Beer, Regional Wines, crafts, shirts, trinkets and much more.

The Best of the Northwest will be available all weekend in the way of locally and regionally made wine and beer. Oregon is ‘wine country’ with many vineyards and wineries. They produce great wines and you’ll have a chance to sample some this weekend, here in Charleston!

This fun weekend is sponsored by the Charleston Volunteer Firefighter’s Association, Oregon International Port of Coos Bay and K-DOCK Radio.

K-DOCK’s CLAM JAM brings live music all weekend by several groups. Our favorite group, The Clamdiggers, will be performing on Saturday at 11 a.m.

The Firefighters will have a Fire Truck Super Slide for the kids. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will have a fully stocked trout pond for the kids to fish in with the ODFW Good Guys. All the gear they need will be available.

While you are in Charleston, watch for Charlie the Tuna. Really, you can’t miss him. He was adopted by Charleston some years ago and a wood statue in his honor was erected. In 2008, the statue was destroyed by vandals. A funeral was held in the visitor’s center. The Wild Women of Charleston and The Tuna Guys provided music and mourners shared stories about Charlie. The remains were burned and buried at the center. A new statue of Charlie replaced the old one. Stop and take a selfie with Charlie when you see him.

Don’t miss this fun weekend and do stop in and say ‘Hello’ or stay with us at www.umpquahaven.com We’re just an easy hour’s drive away from Charleston.

Wyoming Summer

One of our family members lives in the Wyoming high country where the winters are often filled with bitter cold—50 below sometimes—and 10 to 18 feet of snow. Hard to get around in those circumstances without the aide of those who plow the roads all winter long. A tip of the hat to them!

However, the summers in these Wyoming mountains are gorgeous, short though they may be. Our family member has shared some recent photos with us and given us permission to share them with you.

On a recent drive along the highway, a waterfall was spotted. Wyoming is considered an arid state. Coming across a waterfall is a real treat.

This time of year the wildflowers are profuse. They don’t last long but you don’t have to go far to see them. The Wyoming State Flower is Indian Paintbrush and if you look closely at this photo, you will see some. Castilleja linariifolia (that’s why it’s called Indian Paintbrush) is red. Again, these are alongside the highway.

Wildlife abounds in Wyoming. It is not unusual to see antelope and deer most anywhere you go. However, few see what follows here outside of Yellowstone National Park. Yes, it is a real Grizzly Bear very close to the highway. The photo was taken from inside the vehicle. While the tourists are often, um, clueless about the wild animals, we are not. Safety first!

After having been home a day or 2, a trip to the local dump was necessary. During a brief stop along the way, this fella was spotted grazing close by. If you don’t know what it is, come to the Wyoming High Country to see and learn. We often travel from http://www.umpquahaven.com in the summer months to visit beautiful Wyoming.

Festival of Art – Brookings-Harbor

Pelican Bay Arts Association of Brookings-Harbor is having another spectacular art festival on Saturday, August 5 and Sunday, August 6 at Stout Park just east of Chetco Avenue on Oak Street.

There is no charge to attend this fun, family event and the artwork is awesome. Stroll along the weaving pathways to view juried original art, fine craftsmanship and plein air artists. There are also fun things for the kids to participate in, music by local musicians, food and a wine and micro-brew court.

Check out Brookings while you are there, also. Brookings was founded by John E. Brookings, the president of the Brookings Lumber and Box Company in 1908 and is a destination for retirees. The climate is very mild year around. Walk on the beaches, meander through the boat docks and see all that Brookings has to offer. Brookings is the southern-most town on the Oregon Coast just a very few miles from the Northern California Border and Redwood country. You will see some redwoods in Southern Oregon, also.

Bring your decorative hats to this festival. Or decorate one after you arrive. There will be a “Hat Extravaganza” – a parade of hats! The best hat will win an Award Certificate. Meet at the bandstand at 2 pm dressed in your festive hat for the parade.

There are a lot of fun things happening this weekend in Brookings. We are just 150 miles from Brookings. If you are early risers, it would not be a stretch to head to the festival early morning and come back to www.umpquahaven.com to spend the night. We’ve gone there for breakfast a time or two and then took a leisurely pace up the coast road coming back. Or at least stop in on your way and say hello! Safe travels!

50 Year Celebration Of Oregon Coast Public Beaches

In 1967, Gov. Tom McCall signed the Oregon Beach Bill. This landmark bill created public ownership of Oregon’s 362 mile coastline. From the water to 16 feet above the low tide line, the beaches belong to the people of Oregon. While some of the coast, especially the north coast, is privately owned, access to the public must be given at various points. There are no private beaches in Oregon.

The concept of public beach ownership is unique to Oregon. It is the only state that has this feature to its coastline. You can walk for miles and miles on some of the beaches before a rock cliff impedes your progress. There is much to discover along the way. Birds, sea lions, seals, sea stars and much more. See our blog post about The Bella (https://umpquariverhaven.com/2015/05/26/the-oregon-coast-beaches-the-bella/).

Organizations like the Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition’s CoastWatch program help keep track of the beach and document changes. Periodically during the year, volunteers all along the coast will head to the beach with bags in hand to clean up litter and trash to keep the beaches clean. Volunteers also appear at whale watching stations up and down the coast to aide visitors in spotting migrating whales. Check out our blog on whale watching (https://umpquariverhaven.com/2016/12/30/whale-watching-season/)

There is much history along the Oregon Coast and visitors can find historic trails and markers. Visit our blog about some of the coastline history (https://umpquariverhaven.com/2015/06/19/the-oregon-coast-beaches-stagecoaches-on-the-sand-highway/)

And there are the dunes (https://umpquariverhaven.com/2015/04/30/the-dunes/) and many small coast beach towns (https://umpquariverhaven.com/2016/01/26/depoebay/)

Oregon’s coastline is enjoyed by its residents who can take in the fun things along with the natural beauty and life that is the coast. But the public coastline is also important to Oregon’s economy in that it provides all of the things the coast has to offer to many tourists each year. They stay in motels, rent 3 wheelers, eat in restaurants, buy T-shirts and gifts and take wonderful memories home with them that make them want to return.

At Umpqua River Haven you are a very short drive away from the Dunes and places like Winchester Bay (https://umpquariverhaven.com/2015/04/25/visiting-windy-bay/) lovingly referred to by Oregonians as Windy Bay.

You can see that we write about Oregon’s beaches a lot. They are beautiful, full of life and soothing and calm in a world that is often filled with too much to do and the stress that can go along with it. We love to walk the beaches as the sounds of the ocean waves break on the shore taking our thoughts to pleasant, happy places. Come visit www.umpquahaven.com and take in the beauty and serenity that is the Oregon Coast. And the fun stuff, too.

Toledo Summer Festival

Situated in the Yaquina River Valley, Toledo, Oregon is a small, picturesque town with a population of about 3,500. A 2009 All-American City Award finalist, Toledo is just south and east of Lincoln City about 32 miles.

Toledo was originally Graham’s Landing after being homesteaded by John Graham, his son Joseph and William Mackey. When the US Post Office went in, it became Toledo. It was so named by Joseph because he was homesick for Toledo, Ohio. William Mackey was the first post master.

Toledo was Lincoln County’s county seat until it was moved to Lincoln City in 1953. A sawmill was built to produce supplies for World War II, but the war ended before the mill was completed. The mill then processed logs brought in by the railroad. Georgia-Pacific bought the property in 1951 and it became a pulp mill still operating today.

Toledo sits on the Yaquina River and is one of those quaint, small Oregon towns everyone should visit. Especially this weekend as they celebrate another summer festival—Happy Days: Rock & Roll. It’s a great time to visit and take in all the festivities that run from Thursday, July 27, through Sunday, July 30.

Activities include a sidewalk chalk contest, coronation of the Queen, the Queen’s court of Princesses and Jr. Princesses, a kiddie’s parade and lip sync contest, karaoke, DJ’s, a carnival, food and craft vendors, bingo, and more. All of that occurs on Thursday and Friday.

On Saturday the Grand Parade starts at noon. There will be a live band at 7:00 pm and fantastic fireworks at 10:00 pm. Something new and exciting this year will be the logging show at 3:00. Local area amateur loggers will participate in 11 different logging events. Sponsored by the Toledo Elks, there will be cash prizes awarded to the winners.

The fun continues on Sunday with the carnival, food and craft vendors, bingo and the beer garden. In addition at 3:00 pm, the Kids’ Logging Show will take place.

There is something for everyone. It’s about a 2-hour drive to Toledo from Umpqua River Haven. Stay with us while you visit the fair! www.umpquahaven.com We might join you in Toledo!

Oregon Coast Music Festival – Orchestra Week

Music abounds on the Oregon Coast and this coming week from Tuesday, July 25, through Saturday, July 29, is part of the annual music festival in Coos Bay, Oregon. This is orchestra week with conductor James Paul at the helm for his 26th year. Adam Stern will conduct the pops concert on July 27.

This is the 39th year for the OCMF and every year is unique. More than 80 master musicians from all over the country and Canada participate in this event making it one of the most popular music festivals in the USA.

The musicians return year after year and the audiences return year after year, also. Many are members of the Oregon Coast Music Association and receive a $5.00 discount on all concert tickets. Tickets are $25.00 for adults, $20.00 for OCMA members and $15.00 for students per concert for those attending any of the three concerts in the Marshfield High School Auditorium in Coos Bay.

There are many great places for dinner in Coos Bay but go early and travel the 8 miles to Charleston to our favorite place on the Bay, the Portside. Enjoy great, expansive views of the Bay, boats and if it’s low tide you might see a few clam diggers. The food is great, too!

The concerts:

Tuesday, July 25, 7:30 pm: Orchestra Concert I, James Paul, Conductor

Thursday, July 27, 7:30 pm: Orchestra Pops Concert, Adam Stern, Conductor

Saturday, July 29, 7:30 pm: Orchestra Concert II, James Paul, Conductor

For more information: http://www.oregoncoastmusic.org/

And don’t forget to come back and visit us at www.umpquahaven.com or stay a spell. We are just a short drive from Coos Bay and all the music, dunes and fun things to do on the Oregon Coast.

So Many Horrid Ghosts!

This famous quote from Shakespeare’s “Henry The V” will be heard on July 22, 23, 29 and 30th at 3:00 pm in Mingus Park in Coos Bay, Oregon. The Logos Players, in concert with Dolphin Players and Liberty Theater, are holding the second annual Shakespeare in the Park. “Henry The V” will be performed under the direction of John Beane. Admission is free!

Starting at 2:30 pm will be the Green Show featuring a recorder group, The Fipples, performing music from the medieval, renaissance and baroque eras.

Also performing will be the Side of the Tide Morris Dance Troupe who’s specialty is 16th-century dances from the English-Welsh border. The Fipples are a fun group and have a lot of fun playing. Morris dancing is some of the most energetic folk dancing going. They wear bells sometimes from knee to ankle and wield sticks.

Henry V will start at 3:00 pm with a 28 member, local cast. Set in England in the early fifteenth century, the play begins as a young Henry is crowned King. There are battles, swords, knights and soldiers, heroics and victories that will enthrall you as part of the audience!

Henry V is sponsored by grants from the Coquille Tribal Community Fund and the Coos County Cultural Coalition. Started in 2009, the Logos Players were created to provide quality entertainment that supports local non-profit organizations. They have donated over $28,000 in ticket sale proceeds.

For more information: https://www.coosbayshakerpeare.org Don’t forget to stop in and visit us at www.umpquahaven.com, set a spell or spend a few days. We are just a very short drive from Coos Bay.

Sand Master Jam

In Florence, Oregon, right on Highway 101 at the north end of town is the Sand Master Park. Here you can enjoy all things related to the Oregon Coast Dunes. You can bring your own or rent: sand boards, sleds, surf boards or bikes and more. You can take sand board lessons. There are both beginner and advanced slopes. Take a dune buggy ride! Learn the art of sand sculpting and glass blowing. It’s all here on 40 acres right in town!

Much excitement is yours this coming weekend during the Sand Master Jam at the park. This event is an overall test of sand boarder’s skills in the Pro/Amateur Men’s and Women’s categories. Saturday, July 15 from 2 to 5 PM.


Sand sculpting is also a part of this event!

One of the most exciting happenings during this event will be watching the current sand board world speed record holder, Erik Johnson, as he attempts to break his standing speed record of 51 mph!

There is something here for everyone and it’s all so much dune fun! There is no admission charge for this event.

Come visit us and stay at www.umpquahaven.com. We are just a short drive from the Sand Master Park at Florence. Remember the park motto: It’s not snow!

Yachats Music Festival

Yachats is a very small, picturesque Oregon Coastal town with expansive ocean views. There are many places with great ocean views for visitors to stay in. It is a popular weekend and vacation spot for Oregonians and tourists alike. There are a few great restaurants (we like Leroy’s Blue Whale on Highway 101), and an ice cream shop any competition would be jealous of. Tide Pooling in front of some of the oceanside cabins is popular.

Yachats is also host to an annual music festival now in its 37th year. This weekend will be the Four Seasons Arts’ Yachats Music Festival’s ‘Grand Finale’ filled with the artistry of 20 to 25 musicians. For three days the air will be filled with great music, friendly sharing and the fusion of audiences and artists with the natural beauty of the Oregon Coast.

Come visit us or stay with us at www.umpquahaven.com. Yachats is just a short drive from our location. It is also a beautiful, Oregon Coast drive you will enjoy. For more information, tickets and the schedule of performances, visit: http://fsarts.org/yachats-music-festival-2/ Don’t forget to come back and visit us at http://www.umpquariverhaven.com and or http://www.umpquahaven.com.