Are you watching the new “Yellowstone” series? It’s pretty awesome and about one of the most beautiful places on earth. We are Wyoming people as well as Oregon and other places. One of our family members is currently traveling in Yellowstone National Park and we are going to share their photos with you as it goes. There will be more to come after these below so keep watching.   

Our family lives outside of Jackson, Wyoming and the first leg of the trip into the park goes past the Grand Tetons. The nearby lakes create wonderful reflections like this on sunny days.

And just before entering the park, this big, black bear was spotted.

Herds of Bison roam the park and traffic is often stopped as they cross or even travel on the roads. You just don’t argue with 100 Buffalo in your path. This one was right next to the car.

And then he wandered away….

A little known attraction is Gibbon Falls…

There are two Yellowstone Falls—the Upper and the Lower Falls. This is the Lower Falls…

Still lots of snow in the Wyoming high country!

Watch for more of our family’s Mother’s Day weekend trip in Wyoming….

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