March Adventures Along The Oregon Coast–Bandon-By-The-Sea – Part II

Remember the cute vacation rental duplex?

A friend stays there occasionally on writing sabbaticals. The next two photos encompass her view as she writes (photo credit to Jacquie Beveridge). Yes, that is a seagull flying in the center over the water.

Back to the top of the cliff, I ventured down a road leading to the Devil’s Kitchen. There are a lot of areas with the title “Devil” something due to the churning waters. Here is a beach area with a lot of driftwood that may be different at high tide.

However, the water on and a ways offshore churns a lot. Might even be ‘stirring.’

This is the time of year when the mini-Daisies bloom all over the ground. But here at the Devil’s Kitchen hillside, I came across some pretty small flowers that are different. They have colored dots on the petals. I’ve no idea what they are but they blend well with the mini-Daisies.

Here’s a closeup of them.

Here’s a better photo of that cliffside house with all the buoys on the fence. You can also see how clear and beautiful a day it was!

Heading back, I pulled into this loop drive filled with oceanfront condos. What a view they must have!

Back down the hill and into Old Town Bandon is this mural depicting another era. You can see the Tall Ship. It’s really more art than mural.

Old Town Bandon is filled with great seafood and shops of all kinds—fudge, antique, secondhand and more. In more normal times, it is fun to peruse through the shops and maybe find a treasure or two and people were. But for myself, I avoid shopping anywhere these days and just enjoy the scenery. There were a lot of pigeons and they appeared to be posing here on the railing. Then something disturbed them and they flew off gathering others as they went and became a great flying flock.

There are many resident Seagulls everywhere. Walking, sitting and sometimes begging. They hang around because even though there are signs saying “Don’t Feed The Birds” people still do. Or they drop food and the birds will waddle in for the leavings. This one was sitting on one of the eating tables (probably didn’t pick that table for myself). 

Here’s a waddler just looking for a handout or droppings.

Some of the Pigeons came back to roost, even fighting for a position on the wire.

Yet another waddler. I love watching Seagulls. They each have their own personalities. Sometimes they can be quite aggressive. I was dive-bombed by one on the bridge in Charleston. I was walking across the bridge and it was seated above. Apparently, it didn’t like me being on the bridge as it kept diving at me and I had to duck a couple of times. I hurried across the bridge.

No one can visit here without partaking in some yummy seafood and I went to my favorite place, Fish & Chips Chowder House. They have good outdoor seating and some inside (no eating inside right now). But mostly they have great seafood. I had the fried clam strips basket with French Fries and Cole Slaw. It was enough for about 3 meals so I enjoyed it for a couple of days. I walked back to an area next to the river to sit and enjoy the food and ambiance of the water and Old Town. This fella came along and hung around. He would have gone for a handout but I didn’t. However, I did drop some coleslaw on the table. He was very patient. He just KNEW he was in store for a treat. Sure enough, when I got up, that bird didn’t hesitate to fly up onto the table and munch on the slaw. I should have dropped a fry or two but didn’t think to. They really are fun to watch.

There are some wood, ocean-themed, carvings as you have seen in some of the photos. This is an octopus crawling up something. They are fascinating creatures and very ancient. There is one at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport in a tank. It needs constant tending as it keeps trying to climb out of the tank. If you are there at the right time, you can see it being fed and eating.

The Coho and Chinook Salmon are a very big deal here on the Oregon Coast and in the rivers. There are two salmon seasons – spring and fall. Many places along the coast have some displays/education about the salmon and this is the one at Bandon. I met two very nice and very young men at the display who know nothing about salmon and so the conversation started. I’m not usually into visiting with strangers but I could tell they were just a couple of nice, young fellas. Always nice to meet enterprising young people when so many aren’t that these days.

Here’s a shot of the boardwalk with Pigeons roosting on the information building.

Here’s a shot up the Coquille River. The pointed and white-painted posts are done that way so that the Seagulls won’t park on them (and leave their presents thereon). Rather clever, really. And one, puffy white cloud!

Time to head back to Umpqua River Haven at Scottsburg, OR. On the way out the back road is this mural reminiscent of those in Old Town Newport.

It is impossible for any of my family to pass by Windy Bay (Winchester Bay) without stopping at the Umpqua River Lighthouse for the view of the ocean and of the lighthouse. The sun was just brilliant!

This lighthouse is the favorite of one of our family members. They remarked that it has been cleaned up. Probably has a new coat of paint also. Sure is a beauty!

Watch for more Adventures Along the Oregon Coast to come!


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