Peggy’s Potato Salad



10 Medium to large sized white potatoes 

2 – 3  Large sweet onions (Peggy loved Vidalias)

1 & ½ cups of Miracle Whip or plain Mayonnaise

1 & ½ cups of whipping cream



Boil potatoes until done. DO NOT OVER COOK.

            Let cool until they can be safely handled and peal

                The skins should come off easily

 Slice potatoes into ¼ inch slices from end to end and place in a large bowl.

 Slice onions into large rings and separate. Place raw rings or half rings into

            bowl with sliced potatoes.

 Whip the cream to a soft, firm consistency and blend well with the Miracle Whip.

Gently fold whipped cream and Miracle Whip mix into potatoes and onion rings breaking potatoes as little as possible. Add salt to taste as it goes.

Cover and refrigerate. This dish gets better overnight as the onion seeps into potatoes and creamy dressing.  Makes a bunch! Peggy’s kids can’t get enough of it!

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