Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Yes indeedy it’s cold. 3/4s of the nation was below freezing for days and days. Maybe weeks. A friend in Vermont was at minus (-) 25 degrees the other day. Their furnace isn’t fully operational and inside it was 55 degrees. At least they aren’t freezing inside—just cold. Northern Ohio was hovering from sub zero to a mere 12 above. And Wyoming was minus (-) 17 a few days ago. A ‘bomb cyclone’ hit the east coast bringing torrents of snow and extreme cold that traveled inland to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana.

While things warmed up for a bit, there is more coming. The East/Midwest is gearing up for yet more cold and snowy winter weather. At 15 degrees (that feels like 10), Thayne, Wyoming is still pretty darn cold. While you probably never heard of Thayne, Wyoming, it is a beautiful place where family lives. Very close to Freedom (see our post from February, 2017: and not far from Jackson, Wyoming where it’s been 17 degrees feeling like 10.

The Wyoming high country winters are among the harshest with extreme cold and tons of snow that the highway workers spend hours plowing, sometimes 24/7, to keep them safe for travelers. But it is some of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, country you will ever see no matter the season. The Tetons are here, of course, outside of Jackson. But Thayne is located between the Salt River Mountain Range in Wyoming and the Webster Mountain Range in Eastern Idaho (where the Caribou National Forest resides): ) where the mountain scenery is just as spectacular in its own way. 

We have posted photos from this area taken by a family member before but this one kind of says it all to us as to the cold, snow and extreme beauty of the high Rocky Mountain Winter.  Stay warm.  Stay safe!


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