Picture Of The Day 2

One of the joys of having lived a bit like a roving gypsy for the past 25 years is that many places became “home.” One of those places is Wyoming. Oregon is distinctly beautiful and so is Wyoming in so many different ways. A favorite drive starts just out of Soda Springs, ID, traveling into the Caribou National Forest. This is what you see just before you get there.


And this follows the entrance into the Caribou National Forest.


It was a cloudy day but the beauty still surrounds you. Spring hasn’t quite arrived and the air is nippy though not real cold. Mother Nature has lifted the mantle of snow and only strips of it lay in the shade amid the pines. The grass is green indicating a good year of snow and moisture with the promise of rain in the air. The groves of Aspen have yet to begin leafing out but you can hear the birds singing as they have returned.


A pair of Canada geese traveled together down the winding road in front of the vehicle for awhile as if in escort before veering off. The roadside snow markers are taller than a pickup letting you know the area is often filled with snow in winter.


The locals on both sides of the border travel this route but not many at a time and one is usually alone on the road—no vehicles, no people–surrounded by the glory of the wilderness. It is not a long ride and over too soon coming out with a view of the Wyoming Rockies.


The road descends down into Freedom, ID, er WY, er ID…..before you leave Freedom you are in Wyoming and heading toward Alpine.


Remember you have descended into Alpine which is 5,633 ft above the Oregon Coast and still surrounded by very high mountains.

The spectacular scenery continues in the descent out of Alpine.


 The trail parallels the Snake River.


 And on into Hoback….


 Heading South toward Pinedale it seems the mountains will go on forever…


 And more….


They don’t, of course. Wyoming is a vast array of mountains, desert, high plains and oceans of prairie. But it is easy to see why the picture of the day turned out to be many!

3 thoughts on “Picture Of The Day 2

  1. Wyoming scenery is amazing. Mountains, rivers, wildlife, birds – all around you as you drive through the Cowboy State. One of the attractions among all of this is the solitude. You can drive for hours in some parts of Wyoming and never pass another car, or no more than one or two. Of course you will pass hundreds of cattle, antelope, coyotes, jack rabbits and the occasional elk, deer and, if you’re lucky, a moose, wolf or bear. If you come, we welcome you with a “Howdy pardner.” Come in season and avoid the often snowy Wyoming winters! Happy trails.


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