Oysters In Windy Bay

Winchester Bay is famous for the oysters that are grown, harvested, processed and shipped from Umpqua Aquaculture, the Umpqua Triangle Oysters.


Next to the South Jetty entrance to Winchester Bay is a triangle where Umpqua Aquaculture grows their oysters.  This is the view from the lighthouse pavilion.


And here’s a close up:


The oyster farm oysters are grown on suspended long lines from 2 week old seed larvae acquired from a hatchery up the coast. They never touch the ocean floor. The oysters are submerged 24 hours per day in a mix of cold ocean tides and clean river water. This causes them to be free of the harsh flavor associated with bottom sediment. The clean, sweet, pearlescent meats are setting the standard by which all Pacific oysters are judged.

These cleanest and sweetest Pacific Northwest oysters are harvested year around.



When coming to Windy Bay, look for the sign that says “Shucking Oysters Today” and you can visit the retail store on Ork Rock Road and watch the shuckers and inspectors at work through the large viewing window.  It is fascinating to watch. Visit outside the back of the store next to the water and you will find:


If you ask, you will be permitted to pick out any and all oyster shells you want.  They make great soap dishes, jewelry holders and more!

In the store you will find a great oyster stew recipe along with raw oysters (shooters) and the condiments to go with.

 Raw oysters_00104

Remember Umpqua River Haven is only 30 minutes or less from Windy Bay.  After visiting the hanging oysters you can go home with a supply of the best tasting oysters and a big “Awww Shucks” knowing exactly what that means.


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