The Road to Freedom

This is literally the road to Freedom, Wyoming….er…Idaho…er…..roadtofreedoma

Freedom, Wyoming lies on the Wyoming/Idaho border and exists in both states. Mormon pioneers established residency here in 1879 to escape prosecution for polygamy. If the Idaho police approached them for arrest, they simply walked across the street into Wyoming and vice versa. It is the oldest settlement in Star Valley and was named for the freedom it gave these religious settlers.


At one time this was a thriving community. Having a billiard hall, gas station, general store and more, it was for awhile the largest settlement in Star Valley.

Those buildings are still there but most are not in use. The baseball park, post office and original church built in 1889 are still in use. Freedom is home to a gun factory, Freedom Arms, that makes the 454 Casull handgun.

Freedom is located in God’s Country, one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is 56 miles from Soda Springs, Idaho and 51 miles from Jackson, Wyoming and is literally in the middle of nowhere. But…the scenery is spectacular and photos do not do it justice. The view from Freedom:


I travel through Freedom at least once a year on my cross-country trek. About my favorite part of the trip is driving through the Caribou National Forest. This is the road from Freedom into the Caribou.


Winter travel here isn’t recommended due to the high snow levels. But, in the summer if you are this way, take the time to travel through Freedom into the Caribou. You’ll be glad you did. (Photos compliments of a family member)


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