A Walk On The Beach

My very first walk on the Oregon Coast beaches was at Bandon. Up over a bit of Dune and you can walk for miles. The Oregon Coastline belongs to the people of Oregon. Anyone can get onto the vast expanses of beach that sometimes travel farther than the eye can see. I love to walk the beaches except when the wind blows. When that happens, you are crunching sand with your teeth, trying to clear it out of your eyes and using a lot of kleenex. I’ve done it because I was just determined to, but only twice. Here I am on my first, non-windy Oregon Coast beach walk. It was December.


I love this photo. It really shows the vastness of the ocean and beaches here. And, it shows how small we are in comparison.

Oregon’s beaches are famous for some popular collectibles that wash up and get buried in the sand. You can find them by spotting rope laying on the sand. For many years, Japanese fishermen used glass floats to float their fishing nets. The glass balls, in various sizes and colors, would often become detached from the nets and drift out to sea eventually reaching the shores of the Pacific Northwest. They are still arriving and not all of them have been found.

This weekend is a special time to walk the beaches at Lincoln City on the Coast. There is a lot to do at Lincoln City, but every year in time for Halloween is the start of something very special. Lincoln City’s Finders Keepers event starts every year in mid-October. Local artists create 3,000 handcrafted glass floats that are hidden by Float Faeres on a 7 mile stretch of beach from Road’s End to Siletz Bay for you to find. The event goes through Memorial Day but it starts now. It is a great time to head to Lincoln City for a leisurely walk on the beach. You might just find one of these beautiful treasures. You can check out the Finders Keepers website for full details: http://www.oregoncoast.org/finders-keepers/

UPDATE, October 2018:  Finders Keepers is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of this event by extending the hidden glass floats to a year around event. You will be able to walk this 7 mile stretch of beach at Lincoln City all year around and search for these handcrafted glass floats.

Starting in 1999, Finders Keepers was created to attract tourism to Lincoln City, Oregon on the beautiful Oregon Coast. Finders Keepers has become Lincoln City’s main tourist promotion with guests from around the country coming to hunt for these beautiful glass floats. Visit here any time of year and you may be one of the lucky ones to find one of these treasures as you Walk On The Beach!

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