Along The Rio Grande River

This blogger has been traveling and very neglectful of this site, but, I’m back.

One of the fun places that is visited for a few days is in and outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. New Mexico is very much a western state with many Native American Pueblos and a proud Hispanic heritage. And lots of Cowboys, too. The world needs more Cowboys!

One day, my college roommate and I visited Pioneer Woman in downtown Albuquerque. This adventure was suggested by a friend and it was a very worthwhile trip. The Daughters of the American Revolution donated 12 similar statues in 12 different states. This one was given to the City of Albuquerque around 1928, the year of its dedication in McClellan Park. It was moved in 1996 to its current location, a small park of its own, by the Albuquerque Public Art Program and rededicated at that time.

This and the other statues are dedicated to the fortitude of the women who pioneered in settling the west and other states where they are located. The women suffered many hardships while caring for their families and often traveled long distances in covered wagons to their new homes. They were a hardy, hard-working lot that didn’t have time to complain.

It was fun to visit her and know that those women of that time period are appreciated, as well they should be. Thanks to my friend who made the suggestion.

This time of year is the ‘brown’ season here with the prairie grass drying out and changing from green to brown. But here and there bursts of fall colors fill the trees.

The most spectacular display is along the Rio Grande River where Cottonwoods are predominate and a few other varieties are interspersed.

A family member took me on a drive along the Rio Grande one day from Los Lunas to Belen on one side of the river and then crossing the river, came back the other side. Following are some photos we took that display the splendor of fall along the Rio Grande.

And on the other side of the river.

A surprise to me was coming upon the University of New Mexico, Valencia campus. It is an extension of UNM about 60 miles south of Albuquerque. The buildings are designed to look like the adobe of another era.

If you are ever near Albuquerque in the fall, don’t miss the splendid fall display of colors along the Rio Grande River!


1 thought on “Along The Rio Grande River

  1. Do hope to see Albuquerque one day for various reasons (good stop pre-Chaco Cyn among others). Thanks for the good visiting tips. Wonderful artist friend lived there for awhile (moved from Pasadena), had hoped to go see her however she has passed away.




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