Caribou City

Recently one of our family members took an ATV road trip from Thayne, WY, to Caribou City, ID. Caribou City is an old mining ghost town just below Caribou Mountain. The city was named after an old miner called Caribou Jack. Jack discovered gold on the mountain in the late 1800s and a town rose up overnight.

Caribou City was an old west gold mining town with mainly tents for housing. The city was settled in 1897 and later 1,500 souls resided here. Over time, $1,673,892.00 worth of gold was deposited from the mines in this area.

The businesses in Caribou City grew up around the needs and wants of the miners. At one time there were 32 whorehouses, saloons and gambling dens with a US Post Office being built in 1900.

Over the years, 700 Chinese miners inhabited the city. At its prime Caribou City was one of the biggest mining camps in the West. The last remaining resident who was 96 years old, was moved close by to Swan Valley in 1930 where he had family to live with.

Caribou City is a true ghost town with no residents and very few buildings left. There is old mining equipment scattered around the hillsides. It is warm here in summer but very very cold winters.

Access from Idaho passes through Soda Springs and then about 20 miles to Henry, ID on Highway 30. If you have trouble finding, Caribou City, ask any local as they are happy to point out Caribou City and Caribou Mountain. Be sure to have your 4 wheel drive turned on or your ATV revved up as the roads are rough and tough.

The photos are some our family member took on the ride to Caribou City/Caribou Mountain. The lake is Palisades Lake which you pass coming from Wyoming. Let us know if you spot ‘Shadow’ (our pup) or any other critters.

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