Oregon Divisional Chainsaw Sculpting Championships

Starting tomorrow, June 14, 2018, Reedsport, Oregon will host the Oregon Divisional Chainsaw Sculpting Championships.  This is an annual event and will take place through Sunday.

Chainsaw carving is an extreme art—it’s kinda hard to carve with a chainsaw. But, the artists turn out very beautiful work, usually incorporating trees and wildlife. 

There are a variety of events, including quick saw, that are timed or worked on over the entire weekend.  Bring the family to the Rainbow Plaza in Reedsport and enjoy this amazing competition.  Following is our 2015 post, and photos, about this annual event.

Oregon celebrates its 150th anniversary as a state this year. In keeping with this statewide celebration, the annual Reedsport Chainsaw Carving Sculpture Championship this past June adopted “Oregon 150” as its theme for 2015. Each carver created a work of art from what amounts to a large log representing someone or something in line with the 150th theme.

This is by way of introducing you to the annual “Woodcarver’s Ball” so to speak on the Oregon Coast in Douglas County. Just 18 miles from Umpqua River Haven, this celebration of one of Oregon’s largest industries, timber, takes place every year in Reedsport.

 The carving area.CarvingAreaBlocksOfWood

Oregon has a lifetime history with timbering dating back to the early days (remember our blog post about Scottsburg). Mostly men worked in the forests of Oregon cutting down large Douglas Fir for housing and industry needs. When chainsaws came into being it changed the industry quite a bit by allowing faster, more efficient means of harvesting the trees that are grown for that purpose. Those doing the cutting became creative with their chainsaws working to outdo each other. The competitions were born.

The Reedsport competition was started 10 years ago by Bob and Cindy King, both Reedsport natives. Bob is a championship carver himself. The Kings have moved out of state and the 4-day event over Father’s Day is now managed by the Reedsport/Winchester Bay Chamber of Commerce and supported by sponsors, businesses and individuals. We want to share with you a few of the amazing sculptures the carvers have created over the years. Keep in mind these are all done with chainsaws.

 Beginning the process.

Bob King from Edgewood, Wash., carves a bear during the quick carve event on the final day of the 13th annual Oregon Divisional Chainsaw Sculpting Championships in Reedsport, Ore. King also traveled to Mulda, Germany recently to compete in the wood carving world cup. (AP Photo/The World, Benjamin Brayfield) STANDALONE PHOTO

2010 First Place

 Angel 2015


Snorkel Bear 2008


Seals & Pelicans


 First Place


Bears are very popular at this event.  2015


Come stay with us at Umpqua River Haven next June and take in this unique artistic event on the Oregon Coast. We are just 18 miles from Reedsport @ http://www.umpquahaven.com  You can learn more:  http://demo.jspicher.com/chainsaw  Don’t forget to come back to our blog!


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