Pirates! Ahoy, mateys!

Blimey! It is once again time for the Pirate invasion at Rockaway Beach on the Oregon Coast. The 7th annual Pirate Festival and Treasure Hunt start June 27, so head on up to a great place on the coast and enjoy all the fun!

Be prepared for challenging games of skill, roving pirates, performances, roving pirates, musical pirate acts, roving pirates, food, drink, roving pirates, vendors selling unusual items, roving pirates, a scavenger hunt and roving pirates. Did someone say roving pirates? Shiver me timbers!

Avast ye! There will be a ferocious, rag-tag gathering of mercenaries, buccaneers and vicious scallywags sailing into this Northwest coast port for the weekend. These Freebooters came together in 2008 and have been pillaging along the Oregon Coast plying their own trade in piratical living history. These miscreants will demonstrate fire dancing, swashbuckling sword fights, blasting cannons and more. You can play a game of Liar’s Dice with one of these Seadogs or sign on to the crew!

In addition, you may see the King’s Navy. Based in Portland, the King’s Navy consists of re-enactors who work to present sailors and mariners of the Royal Navy as accurately as possible. With their field carriage-mounted English cannon, this navy has appeared at historic events throughout the US and Canada, including Colonial Williamsburg.

We discovered in writing this article that one of our favorite Tall Ships, The Lady Washington, often doubles as Captain Hooks Jolly Roger!!

All hands hoay for a fun-filled, yo-ho-ho kind of piratey weekend. Don’t forget to stop in and visit us at www.umpquahaven.com on your way up the coast to partake of some crackle fruit and grog! AARRGG!!!




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