Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

A friend of ours just returned from a business trip to Cleveland. While there, they had a chance to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that is situated on the shores of Lake Erie. Our friend shared photos and thoughts with us and gave us permission to share them here on our blog. Enjoy this musical stroll through time.

Back door entrance on the lakeside:


Have you ever seen a flying hotdog?

And a few flying cars!


There are 7 levels at the R&RHF, all of which have or will have displays related to this particular genre of music. Rock and Roll changed music forever but its roots include many genres or styles of music. Bluegrass, Country and Folk Music and others all played a part in creating Rock and Roll.

Over the past 50 years, the Rolling Stone Magazine has reported on every nuisance of this unique kind of music. Levels 5 and 6 of the R&RHF are currently devoted to this popular chronicler of Rock and Roll stars. Below are some shots of the magazine’s covers over the years that are on display here.

That is level 5. On level 6 are the actual portrait photos taken for the 50 years of magazine covers. They can only be described as beautiful. The photographers are unknown as you walk through looking, but they deserve every penny they were paid. On this level, too, Sirius XM was broadcasting live. Here are a few more covers.

If you’ve ever wondered about this magazine or wanted to know more about it, now is the time to visit the R&RHF to find out! Everything you have ever wanted to know, and some you might not have wanted to know, is here.

Levels 3 and 4 are both in the process of change between what was and what will be and do not have visible displays. But level 2 will answer any questions about who “invented” Rock and Roll. An entire area, with video, is devoted to Alan Freed. Freed started out as a DJ on small radio stations in Pennsylvania and Ohio. He eventually ended up on the graveyard shift at WJW in Cleveland where he made music history. Freed coined the phrase “Rock and Roll” and began a whole new era in music.

On the same level, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame annually honors one Master of Music annually. This tribute reveals the contributions made by one pioneering figure through various displays of exhibits, lectures, films and a major conference and tribute concert that benefits the R&RHF’s education department. The Master of Music tributes started in 1995 when Woody Guthrie was honored with a 10-day celebration of his life and legacy. Other honorees are listed in the tribute area.

The R&RHF honored the late Johnny Cash for 2016. There is a large display with a video worth watching that chronicles Cash’s career.

There are additional displays to be listened to individually on this level also. When you visit, plan to spend several hours as there is that much to take in. There is a restaurant if you get hungry and don’t miss the gift shop. Even if you buy nothing, it is worth a cruise through to see the totally unique items you will not find anywhere else in the world.

And then turn your attention to level one. The inductees are all honored on this level with displays and movies well worth watching. Displays include costuming, instruments and life-sized statues of these music artists. No matter your age or generation of music, there is something here for everyone. There is too much to describe, so we leave you here with some photos of some of the displays. Enjoy the scroll through this portion of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

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