Yachats Music Festival

Yachats is a very small, picturesque Oregon Coastal town with expansive ocean views. There are many places with great ocean views for visitors to stay in. It is a popular weekend and vacation spot for Oregonians and tourists alike. There are a few great restaurants (we like Leroy’s Blue Whale on Highway 101), and an ice cream shop any competition would be jealous of. Tide Pooling in front of some of the oceanside cabins is popular.

Yachats is also host to an annual music festival now in its 37th year. This weekend will be the Four Seasons Arts’ Yachats Music Festival’s ‘Grand Finale’ filled with the artistry of 20 to 25 musicians. For three days the air will be filled with great music, friendly sharing and the fusion of audiences and artists with the natural beauty of the Oregon Coast.

Come visit us or stay with us at www.umpquahaven.com. Yachats is just a short drive from our location. It is also a beautiful, Oregon Coast drive you will enjoy. For more information, tickets and the schedule of performances, visit: http://fsarts.org/yachats-music-festival-2/ Don’t forget to come back and visit us at http://www.umpquariverhaven.com and or http://www.umpquahaven.com.


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