Holiday Lights – 2

We visited several neighborhoods in the Phoenix area this holiday season, including our own. At night. To see the lights! We want to share them with you. The first one is a cul-de-sac in Mesa where every house is lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree. Enjoy!


The lights kept changing on this first one!

mesahood-2 mesahood-3 mesahood-4 mesahood-5 mesahood-6 mesahood-7 mesahood-8 mesahood-9

This almost seemed like one house but it was two.


Sign over the door in the garage says “Pop’s Garage.”  It’s probably a year around man-cave.


These were the biggest blow-up figures we saw on all our light tours.

mesahood-12 mesahood-13

Star Wars will always be classic!

mesahood-14 mesahood-15 mesahood-16 mesahood-17

These are moving ice cycles. They look like they are falling when you can see them moving.

mesahood-18 mesahood-19

Many homes have the newer laser lights.  They are hard to picture but you can see them dotted over this house. They are often directed up trees which are pretty (and not photographable), but recent reports say they are blinding pilots! At home, we directed ours only on the house and not up into the sky.


This house was in a different Mesa neighborhood. The lights danced to holiday music changing colors and patterns. These are difficult to photograph but we thought the purple lights were pretty.


Watch for more holiday lights coming here on the blog!

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