Christmas In The Desert

Christmas in the desert is a bit different than what much of the country experiences. There is no snow. Temperatures hover between 60 and 70 degrees. Light displays can be elaborate without interference from cold, snow and moisture. There has been a bit of rain this year but that is always welcome. There is also discovery of holiday displays not to be missed and we will now visit one that is definitely on the list to see.

Mesa, Arizona was the site of the first Mormon Temple built in Arizona in 1927. It was the first temple to present the endowment in a language other than English. The first non-English session was presented in Spanish in 1945. Considering that so much of Arizona’s population is of Hispanic origin, this is significant, but especially so for 1927. The Mormons were progressive for the day!

So…you want to know what this history has to do with holiday lights? Visit the Mesa Mormon Temple during December and you will see what! The entire campus is filled with light displays. The 3 Wisemen and their camels blaze out over the landscape in colorful holiday lights. But, it is the statuary that is spectacular. There are statuary displays around every corner and in between as you walk among the lights. They depict the Nativity, of course, but also every day life during the time of Jesus’s birth. Each statuary display is literally breath-taking as you approach. This is especially true if you have never visited before.

You have a chance now to visit this beautiful holiday lights and statuary display here on this blog. Following are many photos taken this year of 2016 during Mesa’s Mormon Temple seasonal celebration. It will continue through the New Year and the public is welcome.






















The photos do not do this beautiful experience justice but you get the idea. If you are in or near Phoenix during the holiday season, be sure and visit this one. You’ll be glad you did!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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