Wyoming Winter – Picture of the Day

Much of the country is gripped in snow and cold. The high country of Wyoming is particularly susceptible to spending the winter in very cold temperatures and with lots of snow. The picture of the day was taken in Thayne, Wyoming. You probably don’t know where that is. It is a very small community not far from Jackson and out of Alpine Junction. It is very beautiful country. This photo was taken by one of our family members during the first major snow a couple of weeks ago. It just doesn’t get any prettier or more Wyoming than this.


4 thoughts on “Wyoming Winter – Picture of the Day

  1. That makes me cry. Talk about hitting home! I miss Wyoming immensely, and am so sad that I cannot do the winters now. My last 45 below in Laramie, and my all-time high of 53 below at Boulder remain solidly in mind. If you breath uncovered at that temperature you will likely die of frozen lungs, or wish you had. But I’ll see you this summer, if it falls on a weekend!


    • Wyoming has some beautiful winters, too. Sometimes it’s 65 in
      February. It is just difficult to predict. Years ago a lady that had
      lived all over the world as a diplomat’s wife stated that Wheatland,
      Wyoming had the most beautiful weather of any place she had lived.
      Fancy that!


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