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The Oregon Coast Mountain Range, rich in iron, is commonly known as the Coast Range. It stretches 200 miles North and South along the Oregon Coast. The mountains reach 30 to 60 miles inland going East, sometimes allowing for open, flat areas like Reedsport at the mouth of the Umpqua River. Access back and forth across these mountains is provided by Oregon’s several rivers with state highways running next to them.

Umpqua River Haven sits in the Umpqua River Valley along Highway 38. The park backs up against the mountains on the North side. The river creates a break in the mountains, but at this point, they continue on the South side of the Umpqua also. The pine forests fill the mountainsides making for some beautiful scenery. In fact, we think the Umpqua River Valley is very close to being the most beautiful river valley going anywhere.

The mountains themselves have many roads that sometimes lead nowhere due to being timber roads, but occasionally do go somewhere. One of our favorite adventures is driving North off of 38 at the Scottsburg Fire Station and traversing over the mountain to the Vincent Creek Recreation Site and the Smith River Valley. The Smith River is smaller and the valley narrower, but the beauty is no less. The falls are fascinating and the fishing is great! The trip getting there is pure joy!

If you are interested in taking this drive, be sure to visit with us at Umpqua River Haven first. It takes an experienced driver on this winding dirt road and you don’t want to start out unprepared. We can give you some pointers!

Following are some pictures of the day taken on a recent trek over the Coast Range to the Smith River Valley. Enjoy the beauty of Oregon. (Thanks to Chuck and Cody for the great photos!)







3 thoughts on “Picture Of The Day

  1. Great photos. We love driving along the Smith River…..going onto the road at Drain….all the way to Reedsport. Noticed on the last drive there are more areas that have been logged. Sad. It’s a lovely road! Pat


    • I am not back and won’t be for a few months yet. Getting
      therapy. I miss you all, too, but so glad you are dancing!!! And,
      I AM proud! I can’t dance anyway right now, don’t ask me 🙂 Still
      in recovery. Keep dancin’!


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