Cleveland Rocks – 8

Christmas! As of today’s date, it is 90 days until Christmas rolls around again. Oh, my, that does seem soon. However, in Ohio City, there is an area where it is Christmas every day. You can go tour most any time and learn about the house from the 80s movie, “A Christmas Story.”


“A Christmas Story” was based on the humorous short stories of author and raconteur, Jean Shepherd. This is a warm, fuzzy holiday story about Ralphie Parker, his family and the bully that is always chasing after him. Ralphie tries to dodge the bully and survive winter adventures while attempting to make it to Christmas with his glasses in one piece and a positive attitude unbroken.

Located at 3159 W. 11th St in Ohio City, Cleveland, is the actual house the movie was filmed in. It is now a museum. There is also an actual museum across the street with clothing, posters, memorabilia and more from the movie. In addition, there is a separate gift shop where the tours start. And there is a garage with a period fire truck and a replica of the family car from the movie. This unique museum complex is open year around, 7 days a week except for major holidays like, well, Christmas.

 Here’s the firetruck!


 This is the same kind/year of car but not the exact car that was used in the movie.


We are going to visit the house and museum via a few photos to entice you to make your own visit to this fun, Cleveland place.

This is the living room fireplace where there is always a decorated and lighted Christmas tree.


The famous leg lamp and Ralphie’s dream Christmas gift—the rifle! This photo is actually from the gift shop window. However, there is a lamp in the living room window of the house. You will see leg lamps of all sizes wherever you go.


Upstairs we find the boy’s bedroom with the sailboat wallpaper.


At the top of the stairs is the upstairs telephone. There are no televisions in the house as this is set in 1940 before television!


Ralphie’s backyard where many of his winter adventures took place.


Directly across the street from the house is the museum. When you walk in, you will find the movie poster mounted on the wall. It is another item you can purchase.


These are toys that the boys played with in the movie. Not quite like an iPhone or iPad!


Here are Ralphie and his brother.


There are Christmas trees everywhere. This one in the museum had a string of leg lamp lights on it. You can buy a string in the gift shop!


I will leave it for you to discover why these are in the museum.


If you are not familiar with this movie, it should be out during the holiday season on TV. Or, you can probably find it in your local library. There is much more to discover in the house, museum and gift shop. We have just given you a small sample here. We leave you, not with another shot of the Terminal Tower nice as that always is, but with a lighted leg lamp which you can make your own. Perhaps a Christmas gift!


3 thoughts on “Cleveland Rocks – 8

  1. My brother-in-law’s niece and nephew were in the movie going down the slide after seeing Santa (their Dad was a manager at Higbee’s at the time, and they got paid to be in the movie). Was a tradition every Xmas at my sister’s to watch Christmas Story and Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation. My son has watched Christmas Story so many times since he was little that he still knows all the words each character says! LOL Now his children are watching it. This year we are having a last Christmas in Ohio, so I am sure we will be watching both these movies!


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