Kool Coastal Nights

‘Tis the season for classic, antique and all things cars. Everywhere you go during June, July and August beautiful cars are cruisin’. Only 20 miles from Umpqua River Haven is the major car event of the season in Winchester Bay, Kool Coastal Nights. With mostly muscle cars all over the Bay, this weekend event consists of a car show and burn out competition.


Put on your walkin’ shoes the weekend of August 21-22 for the 23rd Annual Windy Bay car event of the year. Each vehicle is unique in its own way and at the same time familiar to those of a certain age.


We drove them. We rode in them. We admired them. They have disappeared from our modern streets in favor of the gas-saving, aerodynamically designed, neutrally colored, and kind of boring vehicles of the day. It’s only at events like this that we are able to feast our eyes on them again.




 Kool Coastal Nights is more than just a classic car show. It is also a burn out event with all the excitement of burning rubber, bursting tires and colorful smoke.


Noisy, smoky, smelly this event is also interesting and exciting. There is no way to know how each vehicle is going to end up and the watching becomes almost addictive.


Come stay with us at Umpqua River Haven and have an easy drive into the Bay for this yearly, fun event. Visit the website for more information:  http://www.koolcoastalnights.com And don’t forget to pick up your KCN T-shirt in Windy Bay. Watch for more car cruisin’ on this blog.


7 thoughts on “Kool Coastal Nights

  1. This is one of the more fun events on the coast. Good people, good food, sidewalk vendors, music, and ocean air. Everyone should make it once. If you like 50’s cars, this is the event for you. Tune up your glasspacks and join us.


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