Sunsets, Sunrises and Rainbows, Oh, My!

Be it desert, ocean, rivers, lakes, mountains or farm country, everywhere I travel there are breath-taking sunsets, sunrises and rainbows. This blog post is about many of them that I have been able to capture on camera. No photo does any of them justice but will give an idea of their beauty from the Pacific Northwest to the Ohio Midwest and from Wyoming to Arizona. Enjoy the regal sunshine!

Early fall sunrise on Lake Erie, OhioCabinLakeErieSunrise

Sunset On The Sonoran Desert, ArizonaAZSunsetOverTheTrailer

Sunset in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon Coast Beaches-SeaGrassSunsetOcean

Spring Sunset Clouds Over Lake Erie, Ohio CloudsAtSunsetHuronPier

Rainbow On The Nebraska Farm NebraskaFarmRainbow

Pacific Northwest, Oregon Coast SunsetSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

 Lake Erie Sunrise At The Cottage, Ohio LakeErieSunriseCottage

Misty Sunset At Umpqua River Haven, Oregon SunsetUmpquaRiverHaven

 Sunset At The Huron Lighthouse, Ohio SunsetHuronLighthouse

Sunrise On The Nebraska FarmNebraskaFarmSunrise

 Wyoming Sunset Over Laramie PeakWyomingLaramiePeakSunset

 Thanksgiving Day On The Oregon CoastThanksgivingSunsetOcean

 Sunrise On The Huron RiverSunriseHuronRiverSept-1

 Sunset On Lake Macatawa, MichiganSunsetLakeMacatawaMichigan

 Sunset Over The Crab Dock, Winchester Bay, OregonWinchesterBayCrabDockSunset

 Sunset At Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, Newport, OregonYaquinaBayLighthouseAtSunset

 Sunset On Lake Erie From The Pier At Huron, OhioHuronSunsetFromPierLakeErie

 Sunset, Desert Mountains, ArizonaDesertSunsetOverTheSantaRitas

 Stormy Day Rainbow Spouting Over The Freighters, Huron River, OhioFreighters-Rainbow

 Sunset Winchester Bay, OregonWinchesterBayPerfectSunset

Sunset On The Nebraska FarmNebraskaFarmSunset

 Stormy Sunset Rocky River Beach, OhioRockyRiverBeachSunsetGlow

 Sunset Neskowin, OregonSunsetNeskowin

Sunset Winchester Bay, Oregon Over The Fishing FleetWindyBayFishingFleetSunset

 Dawn On The Huron River, OhioHuronRiverDawn

 Winchester Bay, Oregon SunsetWinchesterBaySunset

 Sunset, Old Homestead, Huron, Ohio, Lake ErieSunsetOldHomestedHuron

 Full Rainbow Over Huron River Great Lakes Freighters, OhioRainbowOverFreightersHuronRiver

Sunsets, sunrises and rainbows are awesome to catch and not all that tough if you are watching. But moonrises in the dark night are almost impossible to snap without special equipment. We leave you with our Umpqua River Haven summer moonrise through the Douglas Fir trees. Come visit us and see for yourself!MoonRiseUmpquaRiverHaven


7 thoughts on “Sunsets, Sunrises and Rainbows, Oh, My!

  1. great photos and text you’re doing. Are you all the time on your computer and putting your blog on? tis really good! Love, P


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