Picture Of The Day – 6 – Once In A Blue Moon

On July 31, 2015, a full, blue moon appeared as was anticipated. It was beautiful although at first it was a very warm, reddish color and then just white, but quite large as it lifted up over the horizon.

In researching what a ‘blue moon’ is we found at least four different main explanations, two of which appear to be the most popular with one having gained more prominence over all. It’s complicated, as they say, but in the favored theory there seems to be at least 13 blue moons per year with possibly double that in a year’s time making it about twice per month.

And a ‘blue moon’ is not blue at all. It is large and very white but only blue in specific atmospheric conditions in a few world locations.

Whatever, it was large and quite spectacular rising above the Great Lakes Freighters moored in the Huron, Ohio River.



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