Shore Acres State Park

May is the time of year to see the many wild Rhododendrons in bloom, along with the many varieties of them that are planted, up and down the Oregon Coast. ‘Rhody’s’ are celebrated throughout Oregon and particularly on the coast. There are contests, events, motorcycle rallies and car shows planned around the time when the ‘Rhodys’ are in full bloom.

Mother’s Day is a special time at Shore Acres State Park. The Southwestern Oregon Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society will be on hand with their expertise to show displays and answer any questions about ‘Rhodys’ in the Garden.   From 11:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sunday, May 13, 2018, you can visit the ‘Rhodys’ in bloom and learn all about them. The Bay Area Artist Association will hold their paint-out in the Garden and serve refreshments during the same hours. The Friends of Shore Acres will also host refreshments in the Garden House serving cookies, punch and coffee and it’s always good!

This is a great way to help mom celebrate her day. It is a free event with parking just $5.00. The park is 12 miles southwest of Coos Bay on the Cape Arago Highway right on the ocean. Mom will love you for treating her this way. The following photo is of one of Umpqua River Haven’s Rhody’s in full bloom.

You’ve read about Shore Acres State Park a bit before, especially the Christmas holiday light displays. But, there is much more to this beautiful, botanical garden. The park sits up on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean not far past Charleston, Oregon. The core of this property was originally the home of pioneer timber baron Louis Simpson who built a large mansion with formal gardens also overlooking the ocean.

The State of Oregon purchased the property in 1942 and added land as it became available. The mansion no longer exists but there is an observation area where it once was where you can read all the history. However, the caretaker’s cottage survives and is now the Garden House.

The gardens were let go until 1970 when they were restored even grander than before with flowers and plants from all over the world. One of our favorite parts of the gardens is hidden a bit. There is an area with rows of all kinds of roses! Visit the rose garden with us as you view photos taken by a family member one year when we were there.

There are, of course, many kinds of flowers in the gardens. The following are just a few we took photos of on our stroll through the gardens. If you know what the ones are that we could not identify, please comment and tell us what they are!


The following 3 are a mystery to us! We thought them unique and quite beautiful. 

Shore Acres State Park is about an hour and 20 minutes from  Stop in and say ‘Hi’ on your way there or stay with us!

One more photo from Umpqua River Haven. This time our pink Rhody in full bloom! We love our Rhodys!

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