Picture of the Day

It’s actually several pictures of the day. A very scenic jaunt in Wyoming today. It was 73 degrees and sunny with puffy, white clouds above the mountains. Below are the several photos taken and their locations starting in Star Valley, leaving Thayne, Wyoming. This is the scenery there.

A short distance from Thayne is Alpine, Wyoming where you turn and head through the Snake River Canyon.

It is a beautiful drive through the canyon on into Hoback.

At Hoback you and turn and head to Pinedale or go straight on into Jackson which is what we did. We passed through Jackson on our way to the Grand Teton Mountains.

There were bus-loads of Chinese tourists and a smattering of them everywhere we went. Even here at Jackson Lake. It was so spectacular with the reflections in the water that I’m posting 2 photos of this lake.

You can see there is still ice on the lake in the foreground. It was near blizzard conditions in this part of Wyoming about 10 days or less ago.

Behind the photographer is the Jackson Lake Dam.

Just down the road from here is Jenny Lake. Following are 3 photos of this lake.

Returning to the highway, we cross it and find a road in the park that leads to what I am told is the most photographed barn in the world. I had to post 2 photos of this wonderful, old barn.

Of course, it is mostly photographed for the background!

And then we went back through Jackson and onto Hoback and back up the Snake River Canyon watching this scenery as we went.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our scenic travels in the Wyoming high country!

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