The Tall Ships Are Coming Again!

The Lady Washington will arrive in Coos Bay, OR, April 11 to the 17th, for the local Maritime Legacy Days. There are always fun activities for the family and the opportunity to board the Lady Washington and meet pirates and learn about her adventures. You can learn more by visiting The World Newspaper’s website:  Below is a repost of our 2015 post about the Tall Ships that visit the Oregon Coast.

Time for the arrival of the Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain in the port of Coos Bay, Oregon. These two regular visitors will arrive at harbor on May 1, 2015, for a 12 day stay at mooring on the public docks. From Umpqua River Haven it is a short, 45 minute drive down the beautiful Oregon Coast to Coos Bay.

These two beauties journey here for the annual celebration of the local rich maritime and cultural history of the sea. Visitors have a rare opportunity to experience what life was like onboard these historic sailing ships, see reenactments of battle sails, passages and a healing ceremony with local Native American Tribes, along with local festivals.


The Lady Washington

Venture down to the Coos Bay public docks/park on highway 101 during early May and you will find school children touring these fine ships. Sign up for a tour but do it quickly as they are sold out fast.


You can follow the journey of these majestic vessels on Facebook: and Twitter: @graysharborhist.


The Hawaiian Chieftain

The adventure never ends with the crews dressed in period costume.  Their expert guidance for both school children and adults is informative, educational and entertaining.


It is fascinating to see all the rigging and practical features when these lovelies are moored with sails furled. And to note the gaps in the toe rail that allow water to flow off the decks.

                                                        The Lady Washington

HawiianChieftian-2      The Hawaiian Chieftain

Do stop in to see us at on your way to Coos Bay. We are just a short 45 miles from the Tall Ships!




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