Picture Of The Day

One of our favorite places on the Oregon Coast is Cape Arago. One of our family members spotted their first whale here. You can explore the tide pools here and watch the seals and sea lions (and hear them bark). Plus the scenic, panoramic views are second to none.

Close by are Sunset Bay and Shore Acres State Park. Shore Acres is filled with native plants and a rose garden but it is most famous at holiday time for the many light displays.

Just south of Shore Acres, but still within Cape Arago State Park, is Simpson’s Reef Overlook and Wayside. Be sure and watch for the signs as it is easy to miss and looks merely like a modest turn-out.

If you roll your windows down, you will hear the barking, groaning and baying of thousands of pinnipeds as they roll around in the onshore winds. With their density and color, they can be mistaken for the rock itself. Cormorants, Murres, Puffins, Petrels and Terns dot the ridges and skies here. And, this is an excellent place to spot a spouting Gray Whale farther out to sea.

Bring your binoculars for a closer look at the rocks that are about a quarter of a mile off shore. Or just enjoy the beautiful view. This is another photo taken by our friend, Piane. www.umpquahaven.com is about 55 miles away, so stop in and say hello on your way to Simpson’s Reef Wayside.



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