Total Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipses occur between 2 and 5 times per year. Only 2 can be total solar eclipses but they are rare in any specific place because they exist along a very narrow path on the surface of the earth that is traced by the Moon’s shadow.

A total solar eclipse occurs from earth’s vantage point when the moon passes between the sun and the earth with the moon fully blocking the sun. This also can only happen during a new moon when all three line up perfectly. Partial eclipses can occur also where the sun is partially seen and are more common.

Looking directly at a solar eclipse can damage the eye or even cause blindness. So precautions need to be taken when observing one. There are a variety of ways to do this but the best method is special, solar eclipse glasses. If you are going to observe the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, in Oregon, be sure to purchase the appropriate eye-ware for viewing!

This will be the first total solar eclipse visible in the State of Oregon in 100 years. It will be another 100 years before another one can be seen here again.

It’s going to be quite the event and many people will travel long distances to see it. Our friends in Wyoming are setting up temporary camping sites for people to come view the eclipse out on the prairie at the Divide Ranch.

Here at Umpqua River Haven, we have some very open space to observe the stars, moon and even the Northern Lights in. You can join us on this date for the total solar eclipse. We’ll be watching from the center of the park.

Or you could head to the ocean to watch…..

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