Wooden Boat Show

We’re going back to Toledo, Oregon this weekend. Toledo is just south and east of Lincoln City about 32 miles. This weekend is the 13th Annual Port of Toledo Wooden Boat Show that celebrates the historic traditions of wooden boats.

Starting August 19 through August 21, wooden boats from all over the northwest will be displayed. From kayaks and canoes to fishing boats and pleasure craft, there will be many beautiful wooden boats to see.

There are events for the entire family. Some of the featured events are: Family Boat Building, Youth Boat Building, Poker Paddle, Kids Toy Boat Building, Georgia Pacific Container Boat Contest and more.


In addition to the boats and contests, there will be food booths, vendor booths and live music all weekend long. Of interest will be the many informational and historical exhibits.

This year the event is honoring retired Coast Guard Master Chief, Thomas McAdams who has been highly decorated. In the small boat community, McAdams is considered a legend. He is also highly regarded in the Pacific Northwest commercial fishing community. The Newport Coast Guard will be in attendance with their 52 foot, steel-hulled motor lifeboat, the Victory, in honor of Chief McAdams. The Newport Coast Guard provided the following picture of The Victory.

Also on exhibit will be Glen Cathers’ US Coast Guard 36 foot Motor Life Boat that was built in 1934. This is the boat his father, Chief Boatswain Mate, John L. Cathers, served on in the 1930s and 1940s. Glen now owns it and has had it restored.

One block from Toledo’s Historic Main Street is the Depot Slough where the Wooden Boat Show will be held. An extra day is being added to the event, Monday, for observation of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. The Port’s Waterfront Park is right in the path for totality of the Eclipse. Don’t forget your authentic Eclipse glasses!

There is much to see and do here and something for everyone. Come join in the fun. Toledo is 95 miles from www.umpquahaven.com and a beautiful Oregon Coast Drive. Stay with us while you attend the Wooden Boat Show and you’ll have your own comfy RV home to come back to at night.

4 thoughts on “Wooden Boat Show

  1. At least as fascinating as the old car show, an wetter. Beautiful older wooden boats excellently maintained. A good show to take in while you stay at Umpqua River Haven to relax in nature.

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