Festival of Art – Brookings-Harbor

Pelican Bay Arts Association of Brookings-Harbor is having another spectacular art festival on Saturday, August 5 and Sunday, August 6 at Stout Park just east of Chetco Avenue on Oak Street.

There is no charge to attend this fun, family event and the artwork is awesome. Stroll along the weaving pathways to view juried original art, fine craftsmanship and plein air artists. There are also fun things for the kids to participate in, music by local musicians, food and a wine and micro-brew court.

Check out Brookings while you are there, also. Brookings was founded by John E. Brookings, the president of the Brookings Lumber and Box Company in 1908 and is a destination for retirees. The climate is very mild year around. Walk on the beaches, meander through the boat docks and see all that Brookings has to offer. Brookings is the southern-most town on the Oregon Coast just a very few miles from the Northern California Border and Redwood country. You will see some redwoods in Southern Oregon, also.

Bring your decorative hats to this festival. Or decorate one after you arrive. There will be a “Hat Extravaganza” – a parade of hats! The best hat will win an Award Certificate. Meet at the bandstand at 2 pm dressed in your festive hat for the parade.

There are a lot of fun things happening this weekend in Brookings. We are just 150 miles from Brookings. If you are early risers, it would not be a stretch to head to the festival early morning and come back to www.umpquahaven.com to spend the night. We’ve gone there for breakfast a time or two and then took a leisurely pace up the coast road coming back. Or at least stop in on your way and say hello! Safe travels!

3 thoughts on “Festival of Art – Brookings-Harbor

    • Your phone number is incomplete but you might try contacting
      KCRE Radio (KCREFM.com) @ (707) 464-9561 for information/who to contact
      about performing. Or the town of Brookings-Harbor. We blog about
      activities on the coast but are not involved with organizing them.
      Thanks for your comment and for the follow! We will keep you in mind
      if a performance opportunity comes our way.


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