50 Year Celebration Of Oregon Coast Public Beaches

In 1967, Gov. Tom McCall signed the Oregon Beach Bill. This landmark bill created public ownership of Oregon’s 362 mile coastline. From the water to 16 feet above the low tide line, the beaches belong to the people of Oregon. While some of the coast, especially the north coast, is privately owned, access to the public must be given at various points. There are no private beaches in Oregon.

The concept of public beach ownership is unique to Oregon. It is the only state that has this feature to its coastline. You can walk for miles and miles on some of the beaches before a rock cliff impedes your progress. There is much to discover along the way. Birds, sea lions, seals, sea stars and much more. See our blog post about The Bella (https://umpquariverhaven.com/2015/05/26/the-oregon-coast-beaches-the-bella/).

Organizations like the Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition’s CoastWatch program help keep track of the beach and document changes. Periodically during the year, volunteers all along the coast will head to the beach with bags in hand to clean up litter and trash to keep the beaches clean. Volunteers also appear at whale watching stations up and down the coast to aide visitors in spotting migrating whales. Check out our blog on whale watching (https://umpquariverhaven.com/2016/12/30/whale-watching-season/)

There is much history along the Oregon Coast and visitors can find historic trails and markers. Visit our blog about some of the coastline history (https://umpquariverhaven.com/2015/06/19/the-oregon-coast-beaches-stagecoaches-on-the-sand-highway/)

And there are the dunes (https://umpquariverhaven.com/2015/04/30/the-dunes/) and many small coast beach towns (https://umpquariverhaven.com/2016/01/26/depoebay/)

Oregon’s coastline is enjoyed by its residents who can take in the fun things along with the natural beauty and life that is the coast. But the public coastline is also important to Oregon’s economy in that it provides all of the things the coast has to offer to many tourists each year. They stay in motels, rent 3 wheelers, eat in restaurants, buy T-shirts and gifts and take wonderful memories home with them that make them want to return.

At Umpqua River Haven you are a very short drive away from the Dunes and places like Winchester Bay (https://umpquariverhaven.com/2015/04/25/visiting-windy-bay/) lovingly referred to by Oregonians as Windy Bay.

You can see that we write about Oregon’s beaches a lot. They are beautiful, full of life and soothing and calm in a world that is often filled with too much to do and the stress that can go along with it. We love to walk the beaches as the sounds of the ocean waves break on the shore taking our thoughts to pleasant, happy places. Come visit www.umpquahaven.com and take in the beauty and serenity that is the Oregon Coast. And the fun stuff, too.

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