Oregon’s Lavender Festival

June 23 – 25 and July 7 – 9 are two full weekends of celebrating Lavender. Lavender is a beautiful plant that fills with, well, small lavender-colored flowers starting in June. The lavender plant has many uses as its fragrance is used in all kinds of pot pourri, sachets and scent sticks. Plus, it is processed into an essential oil that has a calming effect. Put it on your pillow at night. And then there are the bees.

Our bee population is threatened right now much due to the pesticides that are used on food and flower plants. While we ultimately need to stop the use of pesticides for both bees and humans, in the mean time there are things we can do to help the bees. Growing lavender is one of them. Bees love lavender and spend quality time wherever it grows. Lavender assists with increasing our bee population.

In Southern Oregon, there is a Lavender Trail which is a group of lavender farms in the Applegate Valley. Every year these farms sponsor special activities during their annual (13th this year) festival celebrating all things lavender. Because it is such a popular festival, it has been extended to two weekends this year. The second weekend happens during the Oregon Lavender Destinations Farm Tour with over 30 Lavender farms all over Oregon on the tour.

The English Lavender Farm at Applegate, Oregon is just West of Medford off of I-5 on Highway 238 and south of Grants Pass. Here you can stroll through 6,000 lavender plants, pick your own lavender and visit the gift shop. Along with other lavender farms, The English Lavender Farm is open throughout both weekends and during June and July when lavender is in full bloom. There are activities such as wreath making and live music, along with lunch, snacks, lavender lemonade and ice cream. This is just one of the many lavender farms you can visit in the Applegate Valley. You can learn more here: http://www.englishlavenderfarm.com/

It’s about a 2 and 1/2 hour drive from Umpqua River Haven to Applegate, Oregon. Come visit us or stay awhile or even make us your base for one of these great, fragrant weekends amid the Oregon Lavender.

2 thoughts on “Oregon’s Lavender Festival

  1. Good to see, good to smell, good for you. Enjoy the Oregon events. Stay at Umpqua River Haven for close proximity to the Dunes and other attractions such as this. Quiet, natural, living.


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