Restoration On The Oregon Coast

Lewis and Clark encountered many different Native America Tribes when they arrived in the Pacific Northwest. They also discovered that these Native Americans had different customs, languages and habits from the Plains Natives they had encountered earlier on. Whereas the Plains Natives depended on the buffalo for food, clothing, shelter and more, the Pacific Northwest Natives depended on salmon for sustenance and more. Shelter was provided by the dense forest timber that abounds in this part of the country.

In later times, many of these tribes were brought together to form the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians and there are about 18 different tribes, often speaking different languages, that this entity was comprised of. In modern times, the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians hold their annual Restoration Pow Wow in Lincoln City, Oregon on the Coast. This weekend is the time for this event to be held at the Chinook Winds Casino Resort.

A Native American Pow Wow is a wonderful event to attend. They dance, sing, chant and dress in colorful costumes based in their Native culture. They cook traditional foods and sell hand-made jewelry,bead work and other artistic crafts the making of which has been handed down through the generations.

This is also the time when the Siletz celebrate the restoration of their sovereignty as a nation that was established in 1954 but waned over the years. After years of lobbying, the Siletz were reinstated as a Federal Indian Tribe. They were the first in Oregon to receive this restoration and the second in the nation.

The Tribe owns the Chinook Winds Casino and is one of the largest employers in Lincoln City. The Siletz are able to give back to the community through their various enterprises.

The Pow Wow is an exciting event. If you are on or near the Oregon Coast this weekend, don’t miss the color, fun and enjoyment of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians at their annual Pow Wow. And stop in on your way and say hello to us at Umpqua River Haven. We might even have an open RV space for you!


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