The Oregon Coast Beaches

The Oregon Coastline cannot be bought or sold.  It belongs to the people of Oregon. Managed by the state, the beaches run on as far as the eye can see and beyond.

There are some private homes, summer cottages and small apartment buildings on the coast but they cannot block public access to the beaches. Residential and commercial areas “on the sand” are required to provide specific public access at intervals along the shore. And, buildings cannot be close to the water so to provide wide beaches for everyone to enjoy.


 The Oregon Coastline is varied from wide, open and vast stretches of beach you can hike on for miles to small coves and more between. This beautiful cove is on a favorite drive there will be more about later.


 When family visits there are many trips up and down the coast. There are many sights to see but the single most important thing they want to do is visit and walk on the beaches.


If I dally too long in other coast places, the cry goes up loud and clear to head to the beach! And you can see why.


 Bright sunshine, endless sun and surf is a better attraction for them than the often rugged coastline where the Coast Mountains sometimes run right down to the sea.


The beaches at Bandon are famous for the rock formations out in the water. We’ll visit Bandon again but this is a sampling of Face Rock.


 Up north off of one of the 3 Sisters Capes I caught this shot from the beach.


 The sunsets over the ocean from the beaches of Oregon are spectacular and incomparable anywhere.


 We will visit the Oregon Coast Beaches again as this is just a sample of their beauty.


4 thoughts on “The Oregon Coast Beaches

  1. Hi, Ellen -I think the caption for the “Face Rock” photo is misplaced.  Enjoying your work, especially the photos.  The coast will always be my “home”.  Great job!Michael O. Whitty541-915-56803220 Crescent Ave. Sp. 90Eugene, OR 97408


    • Mike: I think that’s Face Rock but from an unusual angle. But I may need to check
      it out for sure. Eventually I will do more on Bandon and i have better photos of Face Rock.
      Glad you are enjoying the posts! Thanks for your commnents!


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