A good Western Rodeo is one of our favorite things. Having lived in Wyoming for many years, we’ve attended both amateur and professional rodeos and are acquainted with both amateur and professional Rodeo Cowboys. Most Wyoming Rodeo Cowboys were raised on a ranch and/or live/own and work a ranch. They are the real deal!

Rodeo is exciting to watch as the Cowboys throw their ropes around a steer’s horns, ride a bucking bronc or a spinning bull. “Dally” is a term one learns when watching the roping as the Cowboy wraps the end of his rope around the horn on his saddle. 8 seconds goes by quickly in life, but on a bronc or bull it can seem like a lifetime. A rider is disqualified if he grabs ahold with both hands. One hand with the rope wrapped around it and the other hand in the air.

Rodeo Clowns are professional life-savers. When a bull throws a rider off, the Clowns immediately step in, putting their own lives in danger to distract the bull from the rider on the ground.

Bull Riding is toted at the most exciting event in Rodeo but it is also the most dangerous. Getting gored by a bull happens to both Cowboys and Clowns. Do not try this at home!

Oregon is as Western as any state out West, with ranches, cattle, horses and, yes, Cowboys. And Oregon has its share of Rodeos. This Saturday, September 22, is the Myrtle Point Challenge of Champions in Myrtle Point, Oregon. This is a Professional Bull Riders Rodeo held at the Coos County Fairgrounds in Myrtle Point.

Professional Bull Riders from all over the country participate in this event and include Cowboys ranging from PBR Qualifiers, NFR Qualifiers, Top Circuit Finals Qualifiers, to Collegiate and High School Finalists. This is the real deal! Many of the riders in this Saturday’s event are from Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

Doors to this exciting event open at 6:00 pm and the riding starts at 7:30 pm. Kids under 5 are free. You can purchase tickets here: for $14.00 or at the door for $17.00.

At, we are going to saddle up our vehicles and head south to Myrtle Point (not too far out of Coos Bay), watch some Rodeo and cheer on some Bull Rider Cowboys. Come join us for an authentic, exciting real West time!

The World Needs More Cowboys!

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