Sandcastles at Lincoln City, Oregon

This weekend is the annual Sandcastle Contest at Lincoln City, Oregon.  This is a family, amateur event open to all ages. It is held in the Historic Taft District of Lincoln City off SW 51st Street. It is free to register but they are asking for a donation to the food pantry.

On Saturday, August 11, registration starts at 9:00 am. Judging will be at 2:00 pm. Only amateur entrants will be eligible for prizes. Only natural beach materials found on the beach during this day can be used. Forms and hand tools may be used in the making but forms ultimately cannot serve to support the finished entry. No power tools are permitted.

In the evening, S’mores will be toasted on the beach over a fire. Sunday will bring fun games and events. Come join in the fun of building a Sandcastle or just to watch.

Below is our blog post from the 2017 Sandcastle Competition at Cannon Beach just to give you an idea of the beautiful sand sculptures even amateurs can make.

Oregon has some of the most beautiful and vast beaches in the world. The shoreline in this Pacific Northwest State belongs to the people and every inch of it has public access. It is something Oregon has done exactly right.

To help celebrate Oregon’s beaches, there is an annual Sandcastle Contest held at Cannon Beach. The festival started in 1964 when a tsunami washed out the Elk Creek Bridge and the residents were somewhat isolated before a new bridge could be installed. So….that spring the local families got together for a Sandcastle Contest to entertain their children and to encourage visitors to the area. The Cannon Beach Sandcastle Contest became one of the largest on the west coast and continues today.

Creativity is given free rein as there are no themes. Contestants can only use the sand in their area and not add to. Only natural materials found on the beach—sticks, shells, seaweed, etc—can be used. Nothing artificial and no paint of any kind. Competition is limited to 100. As this is a family event, no risqué entries are permitted and no alcohol is allowed. You can check out details at Umpqua River Haven is about 100 miles from Cannon Beach. Stop in and see us on your way or stay a spell before heading North along Oregon’s beautiful shore.

The Cannon Beach Sandcastle Contest starts on Friday, June 16, with registration for competitors closing at noon. The festival runs all weekend. Oh, yes, and when the tide comes in all of this beautiful work washes into the beach again. Below are several entries from the 2013 contest.

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