A Bach Bash in Langlois!

Some time ago we wrote about the very small town of Langlois, Oregon between Coos Bay and Bandon. On March 31st, Langlois is celebrating the 333rd birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach. Local musicians are inviting the public to a Bach Birthday Party and Concert on Sunday, April 8, at 3 PM in the famous Langlois Cheese Factory.

Local musicians, along with special guests, will be performing several pieces for small ensembles consisting of flute and piano, violin and piano, recorder and piano and cello solo. Plus, the bigger work of Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 4.

The event is sponsored by Cardas Audio and Bain Insurance and presented by The Dead Composers’ Fan Club and Composer Comix. Tickets are $10.00 and available in Bandon at the Bandon Mercantile, in Port Orford at the Hawthorne Gallery and in Langlois at the Langlois Market. Tickets are also available on Tuesday through Sunday evenings at Angelo’s Italy Restaurant in Bandon. If you need more information, contact Landucci at 541-260-1644 or landucci.christine@yahoo.com.

Don’t miss this exciting Oregon Coast event. In the meantime, enjoy the rerun of our earlier post all about Langlois, Oregon.

I love to visit and write about out of the way or unknown places like Hartville, Wyoming (watch for a future blog about this historic place). Today, though, it’s going to be Langlois, Oregon. If you’ve heard of Langlois, you must have been to Oregon. While it is on the Coast Highway 101, it is the kind of place you’d probably just drive right through after having visited north in Bandon or trying to get north to Bandon.

Named for an early Oregon pioneer, William Langlois, the town boasted 177 humans in the 2010 census. The locals pronounce the name as “Langless.” This unincorporated community claims to be famous.

Actually, it is famous. In the past, it was famous for the cheese making that went on until the factory burned down in 1957. It was never rebuilt. 

There is now an open-air barn on the site where concerts are held by groups like the Crooked Still.

The Langlois Market claims its hot dogs are world famous. They are made with both beef and pork and served with a secret family mustard recipe and just the right kind of pickle. People come from near and far just to have one of these dogs!  http://www.langloismarket.com

For breakfast, there isn’t a better place than a greasy spoon café and Langlois has one housed in a somewhat quaint building! The reviews on their Facebook page are all good!

Langlois also boasts Raincoast Arts, a gallery filled with regional handmade items, paintings and photographs, in a building that has survived from the town’s hey-day. Their Facebook page has some great photos of the beautiful items within.

While this tiny community has no public school anymore, it does have a library and a community church.

Located about 2 miles inland from the ocean, Langlois does have its own beautiful places. One is Langlois Mountain.

You can take in all the beauty of Oregon’s scenic mountain forests at the retreat http://www.highlandwoodsgroupgetaway.com/contact-us

Nearby lakes and waterways, including the Floras Creek, a tributary of the New River, weave their way in and around Langlois. Langlois is known as the Gateway to America’s Wild River Coast!

There are other historic buildings here, like the hotel, and more country to see. And the beautiful Pacific Ocean isn’t very far away. If you get to Bandon, take some extra time to travel the 14 miles south to explore the historic and very quaint community of Langlois. It is an easy day trip from www.umpquahaven.com. Stop in and see us on your way to Langlois!

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