Let’s Go Fishin’, er Clammin’

One of the fun things you can do on the Oregon Coast is clammin’ for your supper. When the tide is out, you can search the mucky sand for clams. Dressed in hip-high rubber boots and armed with shovel and bucket, the adventure begins. You’ll need a license ($7.00) and be sure and check with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Clam digging is open year around but they do occasionally have some closures, especially for razor clams. You can rent the equipment needed for a whole family experience.

There are many places to dig clams but Coos Bay is an obvious favorite with locals who can often be seen as you cross the restored Conde McCullough Memorial Bridge heading into North Bend/Coos Bay. Just look down at low tide to see the clam diggers. Clams can be prepared in a variety of ways from steaming in a pot to on the grill to preparing them for clam chowder. They are pretty easy to cook although you do need the proper knife to open them.

Whether or not you are into digging and preparing your own clams, head this weekend to the Mill Casino that will be hosting the 29th Annual Clambake Music Festival. There are a variety of styles of music to listen and to dance to from Country Western to Swing and many styles in between. There will be four different dancing and music venues under one roof. You can watch, listen or even dance!

Don’t expect a ‘clambake.’ The term “Clambake” is an old time musical term for a “jam session.” If you aren’t digging for your own clams, you can find delicious ones at the many restaurants around town, including the Plank House at the casino. Great food and great music to please everyone—what could be better this weekend, March 8, 9, 10, 11?!

You can visit the Clambake Music Festival website here:


to view the schedule of events/music and to order tickets ahead of time. But come back to us at www.umpquahaven.com. We are just 45 minutes away from the casino where you can bring your RV for a peaceful night’s sleep following the busy Clambake Music Festival activities.

1 thought on “Let’s Go Fishin’, er Clammin’

  1. Haven’t been to the coast in quite awhile. Going to John Day country over spring break, taking Bowe along…..5 days. whee! He’s now vegan….oh joy!



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