Masters of the Wind and Air

Cold temperatures have been extreme in Northern Ohio this year. They still have alternating cold and warm, but melting has started. The ice is melting and the river ices are breaking up which can cause damage to docks and boats left in the water. Flood warnings have been posted at times for the rivers. 

50% of Lake Erie has been frozen during the winter. Some of it still is although there has been melting there, too. A day of 50 degrees here and there breaks up the cold and melts the ice. 

Winter isn’t over by a long margin yet, but, during the worst of it, out by the Lorain Ohio/Black River Lighthouse, the ice was thickly frozen creating a perch for these winged masters of the air. The American Bald Eagle has made a major comeback here where natural areas protect their nesting, people leave dead trees in their yards for them to rest on and hunting is plentiful. It is exciting to see them fly overhead while driving down the highway. Photo credit to Maureen Smith on Pinterest.

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