Pictures of the Day

We thought you would enjoy some of our favorite photos gathered together here. Some have been posted previously but some haven’t. All were taken by family and friends. Enjoy!

 This is a real Wyoming Winter year in the high country near Jackson. Over a foot of snow and minus 12 degrees when this was taken by a family member.

A warmer day a few years ago in Winchester Bay, Oregon. Sunset in the Bay. Photo credit goes to me.Another Wyoming Winter photo by a family member. The roads are constantly plowed by hard-working staff. They often work 24 hours a day, including Christmas and New Years, to keep the roads in this high mountain country safe and to enable locals (and some crazy tourists) to get around.

You’ve seen this one before. That’s me on the beach at Bandon, Oregon. Taken by a family member who was standing on the Dunes. This was my first ever hike along the Pacific Ocean Shore. It was December.

We love the photos this family member takes and think the Wyoming  Winter ones this year are awesome!

This was taken on Cape Perpetua at the Devil’s Churn on Highway 101 on the Oregon Coast by a young family member. He braved the elements of crashing waves to get this photo. We have posted this one before but it’s definitely worth a repeat!

Here is one more Wyoming Winter high country taken by a family member. I love the lone tree.

This was taken by our friend, Brock Thorne of Vernal, Utah. He hiked to get this one out in the Utah wilderness. Another repost-worthy photo!

This is one of mine taken at Lake Marie up out of Winchester Bay, Oregon near the Umpqua River Lighthouse. If you hold it upside down it looks the same. In fact, I’m not sure if it is upside down here or not.

This is taken (by me) on a farm in East Nebraska one summer morning.  Sunrise Blaze!

Poppies (Mexican poppies) with snow on the Santa Rita Mountains in Southern Arizona.  I won awards with this photo and maybe a couple of bucks!

Dawn on the Huron River in Huron, Ohio. Photo credit is mine. The colors are real!

This photo is very old taken in the late 70s by me. Laramie Peak is the highest Wyoming Peak in the Laramie Range in the northern part of the Medicine Bow National Forest. 10,276 ft high. You can see signs of winter in the small, snowy patches.

Oregon has 50 historic covered bridges which are among the greatest number in any state in the US. This one is particularly picturesque. Photo credit goes to me. I love the holiday wreath and especially the reflection in the water.

I love windmills but particularly the old, wooden ones. They are getting harder and harder to find, but this one is somewhere along the Wyoming high country back roads. It is still a working windmill! Yes, it’s my photo.

One of my favorite places of all time is the Redwood forests on the Northern California Coast. I love to hike among the tall trees where it is ever peaceful and quiet, especially on the high trails. From the ground looking up, the trees are awesome. But hiking near the tops of them is even more awesome. This photo is of a landmark Redwood named simply, Tall Tree. It was measured in 1957 at 359.3 ft high. A redwood tree can grow 3 to 10 feet per year so it could be between 180 ft and 600 ft taller now. This photo is zoomed from the ground looking up.

We hope you have enjoyed our “Pictures of the Day” collection for 2017. If you are visiting the Oregon Coast during this holiday season, do stop in and say hello to us at or even stay a night or two. It’s Whale Watching week right now so bring your binoculars along. See you on the coast!


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