Not Everyone Is A Grinch!

Recently, with the assistance of the Goldwater Institute, I blogged about the Grinchy City of Phoenix interfering with the family in Arcadia holding their traditional holiday celebration that draws in people from all over. Lights, moving holiday figures, wonderful window displays, yard sale items and hot cocoa were all objected to by the city due to a few neighborhood complaints (most neighbors don’t object). Because of the problems associated with dealing with the city, the family did not put up any of their display this year. They did spread much of their light displays among many of their neighbors (the non Scroogey ones). (

Switch to Scottsdale, AZ for a complete about face from Grinchy Phoenix. This year’s winner of the annual TV show “Great Light Fights” is Chris Birkett and family of Scottsdale. The Birketts won a whopping $50,000.00 prize for their annual light and walk-through display accompanied by holiday music. Scottsdale, possibly in spite of a very few neighbor’s complaints, doesn’t object.

We visited last night. Cars were parked everywhere on the Birkett’s street and on all the streets around. Masses of people were walking to or from their house or standing in front of it. One side of the street was closed off but you could drive on the other side past the sparkling holiday lights. We opted to drive past due to knowing it would take much time to try and find a parking place (anywhere) and walk in, around through and out again with the crowds. It was cold and we were mostly cruising light displays again.

However, we could still see all the lights as they changed, hear the music and view other lighted displays as we passed by. Here are a few photos we took for you to enjoy. And last year’s video of the Birkett’s holiday light show  at the bottom


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