Cruz the Coos

Summer weather on the Oregon Coast provides many opportunities for a wide variety of things to see and do. You can peruse our blog site and find them all. One of the mainstays on the coast, though, is the variety of car cruises and shows that take place. If you search our blog site, you will find several. This coming weekend is one that will celebrate its 31st year.

This weekend is the annual Bay Area Fun Festival sponsored by the Coos Bay-North Bend Rotary Club. The club sponsors this annual event to raise funds for scholarships and other community endeavors. There are two car events associated with the festival.

The annual Show ‘n Shine is held at the Mill Casino. Early registration is on Friday night at the entrance to the casino hotel. There is also a dance on Friday night in the Salmon Room of the casino. Registration also takes place on Saturday morning.

Show ‘n Shine takes place on Saturday at the casino’s south parking lot near the hotel. A plethora of vintage cars and trucks (pre-1979) will be on display. It is virtual eye-candy for those of us who love old vehicles. The owners will be on hand to visit with and there will be awards, raffles and more. Plus all the great food at the casino restaurants.

One of the longest-running and oldest car cruises on the Oregon Coast is Saturday night from 6 pm to 8 pm in downtown Coos Bay. Limited to 500 vehicles, the cruise will run through the streets of downtown and be watched by thousands of spectators along the way. You can register for the Cruz only starting at 5:00 pm at 2nd and Elrod which is also where the Cruz will be staged from.

We are big vintage and classic car fans having grown up in a family that loved their autos. We try to make as many car shows and cruises as our schedules permit. We suspect you will enjoy this weekend’s events as much as we will. And, remember it’s a family time, too. If you have family, be prepared for a fun, family weekend. It’s only a 45-mile drive to Coos Bay from Come stay with us and nestle in your own bed at night in our serene, peaceful and beautiful Oregon forest setting!

We want to leave you with some awesome eye-candy but decided not to overwhelm with a bunch of car photos. Way back when one of our family members owned the vehicle you will see below in the exact colors you will see. A 1956 Chevy BelAir 4 door. The tweed interior matched the colors of the exterior. We loved that car.

Mostly the ’56 is here to show the colors. The real car we want you to see belonged to our Grampa. It was a 1952 Chevrolet Fleetline 4-door and colored similarly to the ’56. A soft yellow-green with a slightly darker moss green bottom. The ’56 was described as “puke green and yellow.” They don’t make ‘em like these anymore and they sure don’t paint them like these anymore.

5 thoughts on “Cruz the Coos

    • Actually, the family member referred to was the ‘mom’ you mentioned.
      It was her car for several years. When she got a new car, you only got the
      Chevy because someone wasn’t old enough to drive.


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