Norton, Ohio is the location for the annual Beltane Festival. This is an official Scottish festival with hammer throwing, log tossing, pipe and drum band, Highland Dancers, fiddlers, singers and more. And food…..there is always great food at any festival and this one was no exception. 

This particular festival is sponsored by the Scottish American Society to benefit Pegasus Farm. Pegasus Farm is a charitable entity that works with disabled children to give them a country/farm experience especially with farm animals. They do great work!

The athletics—all that tossing and throwing—went on all day, often with loud hollerings from the participants all dressed in kilts.

Did I tell you about the food? The hot dog stand had a variety of them with or without chili and other condiments, Coney style and others and brats. The lobster place had fish sandwiches, clam strips and yummy lobster bisque. There was ice cream and more. One table in the picnic area had authentic Irish soda bread and other ethnic baked goodies. And brownies—chocolate!

There was exquisite jewelry and other hand-crafted items and more.

Fiddlers, dancers and singers. My main interest this Saturday, May 14, was in the Moorhens from Berlin Heights, Ohio. I’m a member but not performing for this particular event as I’m not quite back up to Parr. Working on the practicing thing for the next, July event. However, the Moorhens did perform today.” Da Slockit Light” is one of my favorites and they played it beautifully!

They were on the official stage at 11:00 am and then they did 2 sets in the picnic area. Fans evolved to take in all 3 performances following us from place to place and even offering free food! And coffee….we eventually needed coffee!

A bit about the pipe and drum band. They were excellent. I’ve heard many pipe and drum bands and this one can hold it’s own with any of them. They could be heard throughout the day here and there. I’m told they do compete. And so they should!

Please enjoy the photos taken today during this very Scottish, bits of Irish and one very gorgeous car festival in this Ohio springtime.

The Moorhens

There was a lot of Scottish step dancing, Highland Flinging and sword dancing

There were kilts everywhere.

Some kilt wearers were dressed to the, um, hilt. This gent was the MC with a deep, radio-style announcing voice. And beer.

Meet the Moorhens: Top row: Bonnie, fiddle and mountain dulcimer, Linda, fiddle,                                                        mandolin and bodhran, Keith, lead guitar and sound                                                        2nd row: Ginny, fiddle, Owen, bass guitar and                                                                                   recorder

Warming up the pipes!

The Moorhens had a great time playing much of the day at this year’s Beltane Festival. They are paid but donate their earnings to the Pegasus Farm. The Moorhens are a Traditional, Celtic and Old Time music group and play all over Northern Ohio. They are available for your event. Call Linda: 419-588-2497 if you would like them to play for your happening! And, join us all next year for the annual Highland Games at the Beltane Festival!

5 thoughts on “Beltane

  1. Now that seems like a fun place to be at that time, I have some Irish blood in me veins ok, not much but Grandma gave me some anyway…


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