Historic Marblehead Ohio

Marblehead, Ohio is considered a village with a population just under 1,000. Located at the point of Marblehead Peninsula which divides Sandusky Bay from Lake Erie, Marblehead was incorporated in 1891.

Marblehead was formed during the second glacial ice age and is made of solid limestone. During the 1800s, many stone quarries were dug but today there is just one remaining quarry. That is the LaFarge Quarry which sits smack in the middle of town. Just about every day the Lake Erie freighters dock to on load the limestone. Past industries included fishing, fruit groves and farming but today’s biggest industry outside of limestone is tourism.

The biggest and most famous attraction here is the historic Marblehead Lighthouse. Sited near the busiest Coast Guard station on the Great Lakes is the oldest, continuously operating lighthouse on the Great Lakes. Marblehead was the first lighthouse on the Great Lakes to have a female Lighthouse Keeper. This spot is also one of the most scenic places in Northern Ohio. Everyone who visits here has their camera out snapping away.


The historic lighthouse keeper’s house has been preserved and serves as a maritime museum and gift shop.


The views of Lake Erie here are spectacular.


A sign provides information about Lake Erie.


Reluctantly leaving the lighthouse and heading west, you’ll discover the charm of the Village of Marblehead.

One of the more beautiful historic buildings is the still active Holy Assumption Orthodox Church on the main street going through town.



Across the street with views of the lake is the village cemetery.


There are many historic, restored and very charming homes in Marblehead but these are on the main street. Some of them are big Ohio State fans. Go Bucks!


Some of these historic homes serve as businesses.


This historic school building is now the Red Fern Inn and Rocky Point Winery



Restored historic homes sit side-by-side with similar structures that are actually businesses along this busy, seasonal thoroughfare.


Even some of the business buildings are historic and restored.


This is a favorite stop near the west end of the village. Not only do they serve a variety of great ice cream treats, but they have one of the best burgers anywhere. We highly recommend Dairy Dock!


On the west side of the village is the water tower. It probably has great views of the lake if one were to climb up top.


Marblehead is a summer haven for all of Ohio with a variety of summer housing from quaint, older cottages to more modern condominiums. Marblehead is also known for the summer resort area of Lakeside. Lakeside Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was originated in 1873 by clergy of the Methodist Church and remains a church-affiliated vacation resort. Lakeside has the longest running, continuous Chautauqua Community with its 140-year history. Chautauqua combines religious, educational, spiritual, cultural arts and recreation for a varied experience. All are welcome to visit any and all events. Lakeside has its own symphony orchestra, a beautiful, historic hotel, shops and restaurants. Many of the homes are historic and restored. And, of course, a great beach area for swimming, sunning and more. You can learn more about Lakeside on their website: http://www.lakesideohio.com


If you are looking for a “Great Lake Place” to vacation or retreat in the summer on the Shores of Lake Erie, Marblehead can’t be beat! And you’ll love the proximity to the lighthouse gem of the Great Lakes!


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