Cleveland Rocks – 10

Continuing our adventures on Euclid Ave., we come to the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Cleveland Botanical Gardens which are across the street from each other at University Circle in the Wade Park District. Both have good parking facilities.

CMA is one of the wealthiest and most visited in the country. Admission is free to view over 45,000 works of art from all over the globe. CMA is renowned for its collection of Egyptian and Asian art. Just to the right as you enter the ground floor is an area with ever-changing, featured displays of various kinds of artwork.

There is much to discover in this wonderful, two-story art museum both inside and out. It is well worth the trip. Wear comfortable shoes!


We also have visited the Cleveland Botanical Gardens where you can get a sandwich-deli lunch and be surrounded by the beauty of the gardens.

Having blogged about the Merry-Go-Round Museum in Sandusky, Ohio, we found a Merry-Go-Round Museum near the CMA. It is reputed to be haunted.


Outside we found this fountain and pond area on our way to the Cultural Gardens.


While there are walkways winding through the Cultural Gardens, ours was a riding tour along this beautiful route. Each section was dedicated to a different country/culture of the world too numerous to name. This is a pretty and unique, almost natural area within this large city. Here are a few photos of some of the individual gardens.






At the end of this very green roadway, it opens up to Lake Erie. We will continue our Lolly the Trolley tour along the shores of Lake Erie next time. There is much to see so don’t forget to come back and join in again.


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