Cleveland Rocks – 5

Ohio City is a unique neighborhood within Cleveland. It was originally developed and inhabited by well-to-do Clevelanders. It was an exclusive neighborhood and became an independent city in 1836. It was annexed by Cleveland in 1854.


Again, as in the rest of Cleveland, there are many beautiful and historic buildings in Ohio City. The following are just a few.



This more modern but still historic building, Fulton Tower, is part of the Cleveland Clinic/Lutheran Hospital.



In 1857 at the Franklin Circle Church, before he became the 20th President of the United States, John A. Garfield often gave sermons from the pulpit of this historic church.



In 1869 near the corner of Bridge Avenue and West 29th Place, John Heisman was born. The college football Heisman Trophy is his namesake.

St. Ignatius boys prep school is located here. Residents resist selling their homes for expansion of the school. It is a bit of a contention within the community.


Ohio City has many craft breweries, including the Great Lakes Brewing Company. Here, too, is located the Cleveland Hostel, the first and only hostel in Cleveland that opened in 2012. And, the oldest consecrated building in Cuyahoga County, St. John’s Episcopal Church, is also here. It was one of the final stops on the Underground Railroad during the Civil War. In the basement the remains to a tunnel entrance leading to the Cuyahoga River are still visible.

One of Cleveland’s favorite places is the historic West Side Market built in 1912. One million people visit the market in Ohio City every year.


Just North of the market is the Ohio City Fresh Food Collaborative. It is one of the biggest, contiguous urban farms in the country. On this 6-acre city parcel are a farm, retail stand and community kitchen.

As immigrants moved into Ohio City, the wealthier residents moved out into the suburbs. Conditions in Ohio City deteriorated with run down and abandoned houses. However, young suburbanites eventually discovered affordable housing here and started moving in, repairing and remodeling the houses.


The revival of Ohio City continues in the present time. Cleveland is dubbed “The Rust Belt” and this video claims that term. However, these folks are investing heavily in this area looking for long-term improvement and to make a living. Bravo to them! Do watch the video on this page as it is heart-warming. (Thanks to Chuck for discovering the Hingetown video and sharing it with us!)

And here’s an event in Hingetown you won’t want to miss!  Don’t forget to come back for one more picture just below!

Ok, well, we just cannot leave Ohio City without showing you the view of one more building from here. Can you name it?

P1110469Watch for more Cleveland Rocks post coming in the future!

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