I want to introduce you to a special lady from Florence, OR on the coast. Her name is Deborah Heldt Cordone. Deb is a woman of many talents including writing, photography and video. She is published in all three areas.

Deb lives near the mouth of the Siuslaw River in Florence and about a week ago as she was watching the river, she spotted an Orca breaching and actually leaping out of the water in front of her house not far from the jetties that are the entrance to this river.

Deb grabbed her video camera and started recording. The battery died and she dashed inside to replace them hoping the Orca would still be there. It was a nervous, rushed few minutes. The Orca was still there, but was heading back out to sea breaching and leaping all the way. Deb was able to get more footage of this beautiful ocean creature as it traveled back to the massive body of water it calls home.

Deb contacted OrcaNet and reported this sighting to Orca researchers, along with the video. This particular Orca was easily determined to be a male, based on a tall, straight dorsel fin, overall size and curved flukes on the tail. So, if you were wondering, now you know!

Orcas are a unique species of whale more related to dolphins than whales. They feed on fish and other small, live marine life. Sometimes commonly called “killer whales” they are not a threat to human life in the wild. The term “killer whale” is derived from terms in Roman and Greek Mythology. We are getting away from this term and using the more appropriate Orca. Orcas have no natural enemy/predator outside of humans. They are beautiful, unique and very socially structured, mystical creatures of the sea.

Deb gave us permission to share her special video here with you. Thanks, Deb! Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “ORCA IN THE RIVER!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Ellen! It was an exciting day! I read some of your other blog posts and thoroughly enjoyed the arm chair travel via your photos and descriptions. I am book marking this site!


    • Thanks, Deb! Glad you enjoyed it. You can FOLLOW the blog, if
      you like. You will receive an email with the lastest blog post to
      go read about once a week.


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