Picture of the Day

Whew!  I’ve been gone a long time from here and I’m sorry about that but will be regaling you with the latest adventures soon. You’ll be surprised—I know I was!

For now, I want to share this unique photo of the Oregon Coast with you. This was taken by my grandson during the 2015 Christmas Holiday Season. We visited Devil’s Churn on Cape Perpetua (Hmmmmm….if there isn’t a blog about the cape yet there will be). The adult grands hiked out on the wet, slippery rocks where the surf was spraying up over the rocky shore (while we worried a bit about them being gone so long) and got this great photo. The young have no fear.

Grandson said I could share his awesome photo with you. Enjoy!








4 thoughts on “Picture of the Day

  1. I have spent the last 6 months in the desert (Tucson)…and will be heading up to Yachats in 2 weeks for the summer….life is grand!


  2. Great photo from your grandson. Thanks for sharing.
    My big new is that I have sold my house and the closing is next week. I’m delighted!


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